May 5, 2018


One of our volunteers brought in these two grandmother made quilts into the store.  They are both ruined.  I don’t think any of the nine patch can be saved.  The black die has eaten away the fabric, and it is stained a dark yellow everywhere.  Maybe some of the yellowed star quilt could be used in pillows.  I’m so tender hearted.  I recommended they be saved.

I’m feeling vastly better everywhere.  Where my tooth was is healing.  My smashed ribs and middle brutalized musculature bother me less.  I no longer crush them in tight bra’s nor do I crush them while using those foam belts in swim class.  They may be mandatory, but not for me.  I stand up straighter.  I sit straighter.  And I bet your sweet bippy that my weight gain is a contributor.  Did I say that?

Just for a few days here, there is no May grey.  The sun shines on the new spring-green leaves that surround our condo.  The colors are glorious.  Sometimes patchy fog gentles the shock of seeing sunshine in May. 

I was going to Balboa Park today to see the new show at the Mingei Museum.  But it is>Cinco de Mayo.  The Spring colors and Passion and Auto Museum stuff will be on display up on the main plaza.  There will be no parking, there will be huge crowds, and Margarita’s and Mariachi’s will crowd every corner.  Some of us call it “Cinco de Drinko” or “Amateur Day.”  It’s not a day or night to be out on the road. 

I think I will stay home and quilt.
Nope, I went' and the shows and fuss were delightful.


  1. We don't go out on these holidays, either, due to bad drivers. I had my hair done earlier today, but otherwise, we are home for the day.

  2. What a shame about those grandmother quilts. I really admire all you talented quilters. Happy to hear you’re starting to feel better, Mage.

  3. What a relief you're feeling better. I avoid evenings out on holidays too. Since Walla Walla became a "wine destination" we have the added joy of inebriated lost tourists to dodge as well.

  4. Wonderful that you are feeling better and are realizing pain can have an expiration date.

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