May 10, 2018


Marc Chagall’s Bouquet, print.                      

Mostly I find myself smiling all the way to work.  I who forget everything have never forgotten to post an image to Facebook every morning.  When I first arrive at the store, I look for images that I might use. Always there is something that brings a smile to my face. 

Yesterday my eye was caught by yellow, flower laden shoes and two yellow purses to match.  A little further into the store, my eye was caught by a print.  “This is good,” I thought.  And as I got closer, “This is by someone famous”….and I couldn’t remember the artists name.  I kept my failure as an artist with too much art education to myself until I got home. 

I looked up Russian painters when I got home.  Marc Chagall’s Bouquet…I’d never seen it before.  He and his wife float in the background.  There’s a horse at the bottom.  Perhaps it’s a farm in the other corner.  I’m always delighted by the universe he shares.
Himself:  Today is the eye doc appointment.  Not yesterday.  He went to work at 7, and so can take half a day off.  He’s called a local flooring company for an estimate on the back very dirty stair carpet replacement.
Herself:  My audiology appointment is at one today not yesterday.  We are going somewhere simple for dinner after our two appointments.
Reading:   A Maine wildlife conservation mystery.  Author Paul Doiron.
Watching:  Cried when Abby left NCIS.  Silly me.
Gratitudes:  That I have an audiology appointment.


  1. Lovely print. I need to finish hanging my little collection on my walls. It's half done. I keep changing my mind. :-)

  2. Not familiar with the artist but that is a nice print. Took a minute to notice the people and the horse. The flowers distracted me.

  3. A lot going on in Chagall’s mind I wager!

  4. Strange image of a horse in Chagall's painting. It looked like some sort of 'creature' to me. If you couldn't remember his name, how did you remember to look up 'Russian artist'?? You must have been intuitively thinking of him based on his nationality. Neat the way our minds work (or don't! LOL) Thanks for the lovely picture of flowers... Monet is another flower artist that I admire.

    1. I had eight years of art education and vaguely remembered the shapes in the background.

  5. I quit watching NCIS a few years ago. She was an icon and I wonder if she will be able to get employment now. Glad you are both in much better health. I am having double vision problems at a distance and have to get off my butt and call for an appointment. I was cleaning up my photography files and lost almost 5,000. everything from January on. I managed to retrieve them, but they all appear to be corrupted!! Trying to get over this.

    1. This is awful, and I am so sorry. I would take the computer or HD to an expert and get them uncorrupted. This is a true disaster. Polly burned out on the show. I saw an interview where she was saying that she just wanted to be alone and quiet for a while. I don't blame her.

  6. I missed NCIS! I suppose I'll catch the rerun in a couple years or so.

    The painting my eye was drawn to the flowers. I missed the couple and the horse. :-)

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