June 14, 2018


Grandpa George and Alex.

·       There’s a hurricane coming up from the south and the skies are cloudy.  All the morning weather folks predicted rain and maybe even lightening as far west as the coast.  The predicted storm has already brought its humidity.  We are praying for rain.
·       The picture:  Grandson Alexander getting a ride from Grandpa.  Someone said this morning that she loved the granddaughter picture here on my blog.  I thought I might add a picture of another grandchild.  I rarely do this, but Alex is a grown person.  He is the oldest of Margot’s kids.  He came back from Iraq a changed man but has put himself through school and got a great job at Children’s Hospital here. 
·       The ears:  I’m amazed at the things I can hear for the first time in years.  By the end of a day of amazement, the top of my left ear hurts.  They have walk-in adjustment clinics, so I will take advantage of this.
·       Himself:  The new account they gave him has kept him moving.  He loves being busy.  He did install a new backup hard drive of 2 Terabytes in my computer.  Imagine all that space.  I will be dead before that one is filled.  The old one is one Terrabyte and holds all pictures and journals from 1985 till today. 
·       Herself:  Copied all the family pictures from 1910 through today to the new HD.  Kind of exciting to backup the backup.  LOL
·       Reading:  Just finished a brit-mystery.  I’m not fond of Slapstick, and not fond of good guys who are really bad guys.  Ah well.
·       Watching:  Bounced between Nature and Expedition Unknown during pledge breaks and commercials.
·       Gratitudes:  Walked the farthest I have walked in months today.  Feel really good too.  Slept like a rock.  Love it all when life balances.  Can you see me dancing.


  1. That almost looks like a Salsa from here. Shake your booty.

  2. Such a great picture! I enjoy hearing about your exploits with hearing aids!

  3. Dance on and on. Good news!!

  4. Isn't it amazing how many words there are, when you can hear them all!

  5. I am ashamed to say i bought a back up to back up my back up and haven't completed the task yet. At least it is out of the box. that took several months. Glad to hear that uou are feeling upbeat.

  6. Hearing life is a good thing.

  7. Sounds like you’re actually using your new aids ans successfully adapting. I can’t begin to tell you how many people I worked with in years past use their aids consistently. All too often I would find the aids in a drawer as the person was frustrated getting used to them. I haven’t checked aids out in recent years, but I think their efficacy has been improved with technology.

    I am of the belief hearing aids and eyeglasses should be basic health items inexpensively available to all who need them. Accurate sensory input is as necessary to the brain for understanding our world as water and food are for nourishing our bodies.

  8. I'm happy for you that you are both hearing and feeling better.

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