December 22, 2018


2017 A Red Holiday
Many of us are still bustling around getting the last of the holiday things together.  Here, all the décor is in place, presents wrapped or planned, and our desserts are made for the day by our Chef Georges.  I had a few minutes free before breakfast and a little last moment house cleaning.

Past presidents and their wives have always shared their White House Holidays.  I thought I would show you some of the special details of their holidays that you can find online.  Each page leads to many more pages and galleries.  After you have finished your morning’s work, click on a link and see what you find.

Here are the White House traditions, the Gingerbread houses, and Christmas past.

A socially correct version of American Christmas from a US Embassy.

A little Christmas History.  

We wish you a happy holiday where ever you are and what ever your beliefs.


  1. Love this wonderful history. Makes we realize we did have human beings running the country long ago.

  2. Christmases past — nice to remember.

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