December 19, 2018


Originally the garage for the library bookmobile. Now here we sort incoming donations here.

Originally the storage area for the bookmobile books.

·     Most importantly, we get to skip the gym/pool on Friday as they are resurfacing the parking lot.  It really is bad.  We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.
·     After I finish this, I need to find my big pot for a two chicken Pazzoli.  It’s’ there somewhere, or I gave it away when we moved in here.
·     The book sale this weekend went really well.  Some two fools bought hundreds of dollars of the old computer books.  (And they are really old.)  Most of my Art books are gone and all of my Architecture volumes are gone too.
·     Weather:  The super high surf is crashing over the pier.  Check it out on YouTube.  Blue skies, smiles on the animal and human faces.  Warmth.  Perfection.
·     Here, I have one more Christmas Card to send off, the presents are down stairs, and I have a couple of good books to read over the holiday.  One party this coming weekend.  One more PT for George before the gatherings.  My shin is healing nicely. 

  • Himself:  A little frustrated at work…waving his arms while talking.
  • Myself:  Picking up the cleaning, Picking up the See’s chocolate for the Library ladies.  Picking up a new big soup pot.
  • Reading:  A Life In Our Times…John Kenneth Galbraith.
  • Gratitude’s:  Really grateful for my friends and family.  You here are friends too.


  1. I have never seen a bookmobile here. I guess when you live in a town, it just isn't needed. But then again, we lived in a smaller city previously, and they had one.

  2. Shame about the soup pot. I remember things that came out of ours. Brisket, followed by cabbage, potatoes, turnips, carrots, parsnips, and more stuff. Ears and ears of new corn. Pork and sauerkraut. Well, best wishes to the new pot.

    1. Got a new speckled soup pot big enough for everything including a post thanksgiving turkey. Unfortunately at Walmart.

    2. I need to buy myself a new rectangled roasting pan for my caramel corn. I've been making it in my half-sheet cake pan and it is a real challenge to stir the popcorn without having it fly all over the inside of the oven or over onto the floor.

  3. Do you no longer have a bookmobile? That would be a terrible shame. Fresno has a bookmobile, a book van, and a computer bus. All of them service outlying areas. Good stuff.

    1. I understand the city has a bookmobile, but doesn't really need one. The county has libraries in outlying areas. The one they bought is too big to fit in here.

  4. Wowsers... We have one row of bookcases for donated books in our library -- probably 1/50th of what you see in the photo. You have a real treasure-trove of books there.

  5. Bookmobiles got me thru many a summer in rural Ohio. I hope electronics don't kill the wonderful service.

  6. You seem to be fitting in nicely to your new library! As a former librarian, I am thrilled. Wish I could find a book that makes me not want to put it down. I have read a bunch of good books, but nothing great lately.




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