January 14, 2019


Photo: Paul Adams Hawkins.
·       Margot gave me a chance to scan some of Paul’s photographs.  She brought them home from his Arizona house after his death.  Some I remember, and other’s like this one never stuck in my memory.
·       Good crowd in the pool this morning.  The wind felt like ice knives as I got out.  The hot tub felt like heaven later.
·       My house moccasins now have new, Dr. Scholls, double air-pillo inserts….speaking of heaven.
·       Laundry almost done, half the dishes done, and groceries purchased.  $58.00 bucks for two is cheaper than eating out every other night.  Mac and cheese with sausages.  Swiss steak with salad one night and beef tacos another night.  Costco meatballs over pasta in red sauce.  Breakfast and lunches too.
·       Focus: Drinking lots of water.
·       The quilt is out and ready for its final crows.   I’m reaching for my energy.
·       Himself:Working on/with wrecks.  Still has a sense of humor despite one shop fixing and releasing a total loss.
Myself:  Dozing here and there.

·       The doctor asked both G and I, “What changed”  It’s taken me a couple of days, but my beautiful printing as gone as I can track through my old and new recipe books.
·       Reading:  Joseph Hansen, “The Man Everybody was Afraid Of.”


  1. Great photo. Can't tell if you are deep in thought or taking a nap.

    1. Mage thinks while she sleeps, so she is doing both!

  2. Can't wait to see the quilt finished and those crows in flight.

  3. A lot of straight lines in that picture.

  4. I like that photo. Enjoy your slippers. I wear Crocs in the house (with socks) as they are good for by bone spurs.

  5. You do look in deep thought, maybe solving the world problems.
    You certainly are a good food shopper.

  6. Love that photo. I imagine it is warmer there than it is here Mage.

  7. That's a very pensive photo.

    Good for you staying hydrated. It's always a challenge for me.




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