January 11, 2019




Yesterday was an important day for me, in a way.  I embarrassingly discovered that I moved all the Sherlock Holmes mysteries and filed them under Holmes instead of Doyle.  At least I did not move the Dickens volumes. 

How did I find this out?  I was one aisle over discarding Kiddie Lit.  The lady who is in charge of the Children’s section had not been motivated to come in lately.  I didn’t really want to discard books from her aisle as I knew she was very proprietorial.  As I pulled books, I heard a shriek.  “Who moved all the Holmes books….they were alphabetical. 

Later in the day, I got a call from a dear friend of 54 years and her wonderful sister.  They had driven down the coast to visit….could we have dinner with them.  Margot too.  We took them to “Rudford's,” talked, ate too much, had a great and too short visit, and waved goodbye.  It’s wonderful that they are still in our lives.  It was a special visit for all of us…and they brought pictures.  We briefly talked kiddie lit. 

Oh, how I wish they lived closer.

This morning, after a short walk in the pool, I ran into a Middle School librarian in the locker room.  Her kids no longer read books like Kidnapped or Anne of Green gables.  No classics at all.  The little paper thin books are hard to shelve and not read at all either.  She gave me a perspective on all those many shelves of kiddie lit I waded through yesterday.  How I wish I had time to talk books in depth with Katy.  Maybe when she gets home she will send me a long email with references.

  • Himself:  Slowing down on the boxes as Bobbies New York show was cancelled.  A very bad gallery owner.
  • Myself:  I really enjoyed the kiddie lit yesterday.  Sad to discover that no one reads those books I was so fond of anymore.  Very bad urine test, but I thought it might not be ok as I had used the bathroom before I got there.  Still struggling to find a header that isn't totally overwhelming.
  • Reading:  Kiddie lit…it got an award but I find it awkward.
  • Gratitude’s:  All Friends.


  1. I do believe I'd give over more time to old friends than old books.

  2. Meetings with old friends are wonderful. It is great how we seem to pick up we’re we left off so long ago.

  3. My grandson is an avid reader, my granddaughter does not like reading at all. I shrug in disappointment.

  4. We had a wonderful dinner with them.

  5. That shelving sounds like something I would do.

  6. Wonderful reconnecting with old friends. They are so comfortable.
    Shame about kids not reading much anymore. That is a great loss.

    1. Just not reading the classics...they read the new stuff.

  7. Nice to be able to reconnect with friends, even nicer that they're still with us! I admit to being curious about what kids DO read these days, if they read at all. Our youngest grandson always has his i-Pad with him... forever playing games on it. What do they do with the books they no longer want to carry in the library?

  8. They are still reading Harry Potter, and there are several other series they like to read. Usually they read books on their i-pads. I will have to go talk with a Children's Librarian to answer that last question.

  9. How wonderful being able to spend time with long time friends. Awesome!
    Bad urine test?




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