January 5, 2019


I must tell you that I truly dislike buying things that come apart the first day.  As Christmas moved through its days, a little pile built up over by the sewing machine.  A bright red laundry bag with a loose handle.  There was the second black sweater I had bought at Tar-jay.  One forgets they are a discount store with sometimes very sleazy merchandise.

More importantly, there is my new work apron.  A sturdy thing with nice pockets and an adjustable neck strap.  The neck strap wasn’t very functional though.  The front made up a sleeve for the strap to slip through.  It was just fine until you over loaded the pockets.  At that point, the neck strap slowly slid down until it was an endlessly long, droopy, thong with the water bottle weighting it down near your knees.

I fixed the black cardigan by running a satin stitch around the neck.  I fixed the red bag by trimming the broken strap and really sewing it together.  I couldn’t do much about the apron other than artistically tack the strap to the sleeve at a useful point.

There are moments you feel pretty good about yourself. 

I know Brickpaver mends and reuses everything, but do you mend and reuse too?

  • Himself:  Worked hard all day.  Tonight meeting then gaming to save the galaxy.
  • Myself:  Finished “Fadeout” by Joseph Hansen.  Powerfully written.  Mending, housewifery leaves you feeling pretty good.  Yesterday: Blogging, reading, writing.  Today going in to work to help shelve 4 pallets of donated books.  I worried about the empty shelves.
  • Reading: 
  • Gratitude’s:  For a little of everything today.


  1. Yes, I still mend and reuse. But-----it is annoying to angersome to be obliged to do basic sewing to make a new purchase usable. Laura appears at the sewing machine often with a cute hoodie or some such gift or purchase that has a missing seam. Or badly inserted drawstring. Worse yet, she is quite capable of sewing quilt blocks, as my sister instructed her, but befuddled by the construction of a garment, which used to be regularly taught.

  2. Those buttons that pop right off too! That mending makes me feel competent in my life.

    1. Yes, but I hate to waste money in the first place.

  3. I spent 50% of my life making my own clothes and those of toddlers. Mended everything that I could. But not that my life is more financially stable (pending the nightmare in the WH) I tend to just throw away most stuff. My daughter gave me the wrong book titles for my grandson and by the time I paid the return postage and re-stocking fee at Amazon, I got a refund of 25% of my original outgo. Would have been better off just donating the books to the library.

    1. Yes, I too make the family clothes....even my husbands suit coat. Yes, for so little donate.

  4. I used to...lately I've lost patience....if it isn't right I take it back or throw it out. Shame on me.

  5. If it is a first time used and it breaks, I am taking my receipt and going back to the store for a refund. If it is old, then I will try to salvage.

  6. I’ve mended and reused, but sewing machine now in need of refurbishing and not an abundance of places to take it for that purpose any more.




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