February 6, 2019


Perhaps it’s the dress….

Friday:  Nodded off most of the day.  Didn’t go to the meeting and cough on everyone.

Saturday:  Not ok all day.

Sunday:  G worked on his box.  I did laundry.  Had to.  Dozed then went to the evening meeting.  I dozed off again during the main speaker.

Monday:  Kept waking G all night.  We both went to the orthopedists.  He had fluid drawn off and a cortisone shot.  I had X-rays four ways to determine that I too have a torn ACL, left knee.  What a pair we are.  I rode along when he went to National City for Plexi.  Italian out for dinner.  I give G half of my food these days.

Tuesday:  Woke G twice with long coughing fits in the night.  Wheezed all night.  Went to the grocery store when I really should have stayed home.  Almost collapsed.  Weak, shakey, and getting really fat.  I’m not eating much but it is all staying around my waist.  Napped from 1PM to 4PM.  Chili and Cornbread for dinner.  Did a load of dishes and didn’t fall asleep while doing them.  Forgot new eyedrops.

Wednesday:  G says I slept really well.  I remember coughing once in the night.  I can almost taste things now.  Progress.


  1. Darn. Sounds like you are still on the uphill side of this. I am sure you are doing all that you are supposed to do. Maybe take vitamin C and just a multivitamin for good measure? I remember that exhibit!!

    1. Yes, I am full of pills and nostrums. Coughing vastly less today. :)

  2. You are having a rough time of it. Hopefully, now that you can taste things and have had a fairly decent nights sleep, you have started back to the path of wellness.

  3. there seems to be progress at last.

  4. These are times that try our souls,
    Make us crawl in little holes,
    Under the covers.

    Hang tuff.

  5. I was glad to read about the improvement by Wednesday, Mage. Feel better soon.

  6. Yikes, this thing has brutalized you. Tasting things and mostly sleeping through are great signs though. Maybe you have turned that difficult corner. Sure hope so.




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