March 22, 2019


The good pulmonary surgeon.

I’m sure this happens too many of us today.  The modern insurance set up leads the Primary Care doctor to now pass the buck to the experts.  I did ask mine to solve the problem of the yearly worsening attacks of bronchitis, and found myself with this newest of referrals.

I’m not in need of a pulmonary surgeon, but I find I am referred to a regular pulmonary specialist.  Nonspecific increased interstitial markings and subpleural lung fields bilaterally.”  No mass.  This won’t stop the surgery my GP tells me.  When the newest doctor called, I’m afraid I answered the phone by saying, “Not another doctor.” 

When I first got medical care at the VA, I had a GP, who then added an allergist and a GI man…who I loved.  In the Scripps system, I got this wonderful GP, then my eye doc, a flock of Orthopedists, A Dentist, a Dermatologist, my Pulmonary Surgeon, and now a lung man.  I’m sure all this is good for me but I’d rather just be living.

Cough, cough...
  • Himself:  Work, meeting.
  • Myself:  Yesterday pulling unsold old books.  Today: Finding a new shampoo as it turns out I am allergic to the one I am currently using.  Washing the bedroom pillows.  Secretarying the Friday Meeting.
  • Photo:  Taken by G.  2010.\
  • Reading:  Still the Anna Pigeon.
  • Gratitude’s:  That My day is so light.


  1. Well hopefully there will be a simple remedy for you.....or will the lung man 'pass the buck' as well?

  2. When I was assigned to a nephrologist who asked, the first time, why are you here? I replied "You know Dr. J. She's covering her backside from the heirs and assigns!" And the nephrologist rolled around on his silly stool, laughing and laughing.

    1. PS--Handsome youngster, there!

    2. Yeah, he is Chief of the ER as well as the guy who saved my right leg. He doesn't take enough time off.

  3. Know the doctor plight well.Seems no one knows it all but just his little specialty area of the body. Sigh.

  4. Your healthcare system is working really well for you. I hope the doctors keep you functioning tickety-boo.

  5. You don’t have long waits to see any of these specialists by the look of it. That’s great, Mage.

  6. doctors for every occasion and ailment

  7. Queezy!!!!!!!

    Could not believe it that someone can state they used to date someone who “specialized in selling child porn” and now they are a little queezy!

  8. You always feel safer and in good hands when you like your doctor. I like my GP, but she is a bit flighty sometimes. I found that when I changed my BP medicine my chronic cough disappeared. I did my own research on that and talked my Doctor into the change. It was a small study I found done in Italy! Hubby has been scheduled for a stress test due to heart pains...I am sure it will be something silly like acid reflux.




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