March 18, 2019


                                                October Ocean Beach by the main tower.
·       I’m feeling self-centered today.  Diet started, groceries bought, and dishes washed. 
·       LOL
·       The code for the problem on the car is for the Torque Converter.  That also includes a solenoid, and the oil levels.  The code has been erased, oil checked and it is fine, so we have been told to drive it.
·       I swam for half an hour and drove half an hour.  I think it was driving a clutch that did me in. 
·       Perhaps it is the world turmoil that has shut my voice down.  I find I have little to say these days.  I’d love to continue writing useless essays on various things, but I am in the weeds about Trump.  “Let’s Make America Great Again,” he says.  My first reaction is that it was great in the first place.  Secondly, I wonder what the Obama’s think about the world wide cacophony of terror we live in now.
·       I am truly frightened by the shootings first of small school children and now by adults that were praying.  Kay wrote a fascinating piece this morning.  The notes and responses are truly interesting.
and one more comment: Tonight's news reveals a new list. Much like Nixon's bad guy list, this list focuses on lawyers and communicators. The Border Patrol is now using this list to stop folks on it as they cross the border.
  • Himself:  Working extra hard today as he took the car in.
  • Myself:  Really enjoyed the freedom of the road yesterday.  Flowers and butterfly’s everywhere.
  • Photo:  The October beach after the kids have gone back to school.
  • Gratitude’s:  Still alive.


  1. I hear you. The world is a scary place when people cannot worship without fear of being shot.

  2. Sometimes we need a 'selfish' day - one where we just think about ourselves.
    I'm not even watching/ listening to news these days. Radio TV Internet - if something really terrible happens I'll find out about it I'm sure
    Take care

  3. This really is a scary time, isn’t it? I actually know some people who voted for him. I wonder if they’re still happy with their choice.

  4. Each day brings a new horror. I want to just ignore the news but can't. This man must be voted out.

  5. The Dems have such good candidates. I hope the race doesn't divide them like it did last time.

  6. We started this last term with a bang, with the Woman's March on Washington, all over the world! The nationalism of this president and followers has been flung back at us, higher and worse every day. Now it is a slog to the next election. But we must keep on.

  7. 'Tis a sad state of affairs so it 'tis.

  8. The Dems lost last time because the party selected the candidate for the people. Lets hope this time they let us choose. I do think it will get worse before it gets better, but I fear climate change will make us all forget this chaos.

    1. We have to build berms on the beach now in the winters. Just wait. Pretty soon we will be building berms in the summer too. That's just the start of it.

  9. Forgot to ask if the orange cone is to keep bikini clad babes away from the lifeguard?

    1., it is to let fools know that lifeguard vee-hickles will drive down this space. The babes just walk right up to the units.




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