March 14, 2019


1979 Studio, a corner of the apartment dining room.

Rearranged 1979….and we never played the piano.

I tidied books today at work today..  The usual art, architecture, photography, plays, poetry, and short stories on one isle.  Children’s on another isle.  I’m learning, and they are awfully nice to me.  When I got home, we picked up mother’s turquoise earrings from our jeweler, who remade them for pierced ears.  No more pain. Dinner. G off to play with wood.  I tidied my current work area just a bit.  Boxed books, that sort of thing.

·       Tomorrow, Friday, checking the pressure in my eyes.  Maybe Amvets or Goodwill to look for a turquoise shirt.  I could wear it to the funera.  He will play with wood after a meeting.
·       Saturday, a funeral of the mother  of a friend.  We are sleeping like logs with the doors open again.  No rain till next Wednesday.
·       Sunday taking books and clothes north to the RB Discovery Shop.  Donuts with Margot and Zoe.
·       Sunday night meeting.


  1. Always impressed with the details in your sketches. The un-arranged look had more interest.

  2. Lots of stuff in those photos, I am guessing you have thinned it all out with the advice from that Japanese lady...Kondo? My eyes have been examined as I knew they were getting much worse. I hate that, because it really limits photography and other things. I think we are going to be able to open our windows, but we are gone this weekend, so it will have to wait.

  3. Snow finally melting here. Very odd winter, not quite open window weather but I do it anyway. :-)

  4. I've only opened a door, to go in or out. My neighbor has opened windows for "an airing out!" She's tougher than I am!

    1. LOL You make me laugh. We need to air this place out too.

  5. beautiful sketches. Love it
    have a great day




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