April 23, 2019


…loop de loop!

Someone has a sense of humor.

Thursday the 19th:  We laid out three days of clothing and meds.  Yes, one whole bag of his and hers meds.  Then we made off to the hotel and four days of fun and volunteering.  Home this one night.  Thursday evening was the Ice Cream Social…which was fun.  One scoop only…with chocolate in squeeze bottles this year.  There’s no limit on whipped cream tho.  I said thank you, loaded up with the hot chocolate, and added more whipped cream than half a gallon of ice cream. 

Comedians and ice cream mix well too.  The first was a bland cruise ship comedian.  He was pretty good despite his blandness.  The second was a very funny man with a foul mouth.

Friday the 20th: we packed up our piles and let Margot know where we were.  He checked us in before eight, and I went to the Information booth to work a four hour stint.   What a lot of fun I had.  It was just like working the Chargers or the Padre’s, or even at the Plunge.  Large hand waves accompanying “go to the end of the building and turn right” sort of thing. 

Not only are all the roses gone, but the main fountain has been filled with succulents.  Dealing with severe water shortages here in California requires a sense of humor.  Large flower beds have been filled with rabbits, and flamingos.  You could even get flamingo food at the main desk.  Gold Fish.  One of the two pools was crowded with little yellow ducky’s.

The afternoon was filled with friends and meetings, conversations and the feeling of being at home with friends.

Saturday:  More meetings and more friends.  New owners of the hotel meant new higher prices in the restaurants as well as the flamingos and rabbits.  It also meant new food items.  Friday I had their cheese sandwich…a gentle golden bread with two cheeses and a slice of heirloom tomato with a great sauce.  This Saturday we split one knowing we had the banquet dinner later….which turned out to be inedible.  I couldn’t cut my meat nor could the anesthesiologist sitting nest to me.  There was also a choice of two solid sugar, marshmallow deserts.  Dear G was really angry about a $58.00 meal we couldn’t eat. 

Sunday morning was the breakfast.  I didn’t eat the cold eggs or bacon or undercooked sausage, I had the very good French toast.  Solved that buffet problem.

Each and every day there were good speakers everywhere.  There was a fishing trip, there was a motorcycle ride, and a 5K/10K, Yoga, meditation, and a variety show as well as a dance.  A young people’s dance too.  It made for a wonderful gathering of like-minded folks.  
We came home pooped, and headed off to our Sunday Meeting where we both have jobs.

  • Himself:  A simple day of work and NCIS.
  • Myself:  Laundry, grocery shopping, and reading before the last shower in a week.  Tomorrow the right eye cataract comes out.
  • Photo:  Mine.
  • Reading:  Harry Potter 4.
  • Gratitude’s:  George is giving all. 


  1. Tomorrow will be super good, though you won't know it for two or three days. Glad the convention went so well.

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  3. Sounds like all is progressing well with your fix-it surgeries, meds, etc. Glad you enjoyed the convention. Encountering friends can be a highlight.

  4. Glad things are progressing toward more of the fixes you need, Mage.

  5. Sounds like a great convention though the meals, barring the cheese sandwich and french toast seemed lacking.
    Can't wait to hear how great you can see again.

  6. Sounds like fun. I have one bag to haul my portable pharmacy too. Better than staying home. :-)

  7. I am so glad that the meeting was exhausting with joy. You both deserve that after the dance around health issues the weeks before. I also like the adjustments made to the drought by the gardeners. We cannot create our own paradise but we can create a paradise with humor.

  8. Forgot to ask..did you learn anything new?

  9. I can not view the photos in your blog. Do you know why?

    1. Are you signed in to Blogspot? Or your browser doesn't like Blogspot.

    2. I am already in Blogspot and I can view the other's photos without any problem...

    3. I don't know what to suggest then. My teckie tells me he doesn't know what to suggest.

  10. Glad things are going OK. I haven't seen those flamingos in ages.




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