April 14, 2019


1999, Queen Mary.
Life blooms delightfully.  Or crowds me delightfully.

Yes, I am getting used to all these doctor’s appointments.  Monday is a knee post-op.  Tuesday, when I would rather be at work, is an 8o’clock visit by Cox to upgrade us at no cost.  Is a 2:15 eye pre-op.  Thursday is the new Cardiac guy at 4, and the convention Ice cream social around 7pm.  Friday I will be sitting at the information booth for the Spring Round Up convention.

We do not have a room Thursday.  We usually do.  Friday we will go in early to the Town and Country Hotel, I will leave G with the luggage and let him check in.  If he is wearing his black suit to the banquet, I will wear a long dress.  Normally we work the banquet as ushers, it will be fun to attend as eaters of their bad food.  Oh, the decisions, Oh, the choices.  LOL  Oh, the laughing at ourselves.  Home on Sunday after a speakers breakfast. 

Weekend after next, we are off on the train to la to deliver the boxes, have lunch with Bobbie, and come home again.  It will be much fun.  End of the year, we are staying a night on the Queen Mary before taking a cruise on the new Carnival Panorama.  If you ever do that, check the bottom of the drawers in your cabin.  Lots of the soldiers from WWII signed these drawers. 

  • Himself:  Defeating the bad guys while doing laundry.  Made brownies for 300.  Pot luck tonight.
  • Myself:  Yesterday worked a couple of hours on the childhood thing.  Made bean salad for about 45.  Shower, salad, read, go to Pot Luck.  That shower is really important.
  • Photo:  Some one walking by us.
  • Reading:  A New Maisey Dobbs.  Loved HP 1, and we enjoyed the film last night.
  • Gratitude’s:  Knee getting better, George, Zoe who made the Honors List, Tax money’s back, and my friend Joan who is really ill.


  1. Your schedule makes me tired...this is spring break week for our school district which means I don't have to be reading to first graders on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm going to be very lazy this week.

  2. I love that picture. It makes me feel young,too.

  3. Good luck with the appointments this week.

  4. The picture of the Queen Mary almost looks small compared to the top heavy cruise ships of today. Love the idea of a glimpse of the past in those drawer bottoms.
    Wishing you smooth sailing on the appointments.

  5. Well it doesn't sound like the health issues are slowing you down. Ships Ahoy!

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