May 5, 2019


We were up at four and out of the house by four thirty.  As an experiment, we parked the car at the Old Town Trolley station, and took the trolley to the train station downtown.  George had packed the three mural boxes for Bobbie with masses of clean towels in the cloth pillow bag.  He kept it with him for the whole trip to LA.

And the trip was wonderful, as usual.

Bobbie loved the boxes.  She paid.  We went out to lunch with both Bobbie and Geoff where she noted that we were the oldest folks there.  It was a great omelette for me, and a good burrito for G.  We talked in the warm shade at a coffee shop for a while…of Bobbies latest work and of the Film being made of Geoff of his 40 years in Scientology.  Only one interview left to do, and the film will be ready to edit.  And thanks to us, Bobbie is ready to finish this show and ship it to New York first.

She drove us to the Van Nye’s train station, where the clerk was sitting inside in no air conditioning..  We all sat outside in a cool breeze under a tent and chatted a while before the South bound train roared in.  George’s eye had been caught by a steam engine on the LA roundtable as we went up.  The one photo of the day is a long distance one of the round table taken on our way home.

It was not a picture kind of day.  We talked for hours.  It was very nice.  The train up was on time, and the train home was on time.  The car was right outside the train door and so I did not have to walk far at all. 

Old LA roundtable.

  • Himself:  Taking the day off but making bread.
  • Myself:  Cleaning off the sewing table.  Tomorrow, asking if I can drive.
  • Photo:  Top: Mage.  Bottom: George.
  • Reading:  Harry Potter 6.
  • Gratitude’s:  That yesterday was so very glorious all around.


  1. all in all, a good day trip to LA

  2. That box is truly lovely and really shows all the attention that went into it. I am so glad this was both successful and rewarding for you. I wish I took a train more often. Maybe hubby and I should do a cross country train trip?

  3. It sounds like a wonderful day all round!

  4. I am sorry neither my dad nor my brother, both master wood workers, are not here to see this box and congratulate George on a beautiful job. Look at those dovetails!

    1. Pardon the double negative. You understand it, I know.

  5. Looks like you had a very fine day.

  6. Sounds like everything is going well which is as we would want.




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