May 31, 2019



Today was the eye doc day. 

One last stitch was removed.  I saw it and the truly tiny knot after it was out.  He peered inside the right eye and said it was all good even while I was complaining about a reflection from the new lens in my left eye.  I think he hopes that will go away. 

Three more days of eye drops to rinse that eye and come back in 6 months.  Then I got a prescription for new glasses and was out the door.  We will see how they work, and if they work well, I'm driving again.  There’s a huge difference between  the right eye and the left now.  That might be a problem, and a prism has been installed in the left lens to correct for that.  Four days and I am back in the pool. 

Did I tell you that I gained ten pounds?

  • Himself:  He’s waiting till retirement and better insurance for more knee surgery.  Today he started to chauffeur me to the eye doc, and he discovered a giant flatbed blocking our driveway.  Hordes of men were lifting stuff up on our roof.  We called a taxi.  He refuses to install Aps.
  • Myself:  Shower, eye doc, discovered that both my blue pair of glasses can’t be used.  Home, nap because I slept terribly again, and writing this.  Dinner and meeting.
  • Photo:  Photographer: Connie Anderson.
  • Reading:  Michael Connelly,”The Late Show.”
  • Gratitude’s:  George as usual.


  1. One day at a time. I was in misery this past winter with my cross eyed vision problems and I drove only when I had to. My new prescription has fixed that. I am amazed and getting to be more normal, except I still am dreading the weekend ahead where I am staffing two booths both days.

    1. How did you get in that position? So very glad your vision is improving. Hurraha.

  2. I hope all the eye shenanigans resolve soon.

  3. I hope you get a break from doctors soon, Mage.

  4. Almost done and soon to be driving.

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  6. Does anyone in Mumbai work for a living?
    Hope your doctor is right and you will get normal vision soon. Know you are anxious to drive. Don't worry about the weight, when you can get back in the pool, surely it will melt off.

    1. I get those Mumbaai comments every day. Yet I have some friends who can't leave comments.
      Yes, I know it will leave me, but I worry anyway.

  7. You are back in action again...those pounds will melt away.

  8. I'm getting those Mumbai things constantly too. Soooo aggravating! Also getting something Boomer hating Anonymous spam.
    So happy your eye is healing well. Art had to have prisms put in his glasses for double vision.
    I've gained 5 (technically 7) pounds after losing 2 on the trip. Sheesh! I know I should be exercising more, but I'm finding myself being lazy. Arrrghhhh....




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