June 26, 2019


·       Both kids are very angry with me for not letting them know how ill I have been.  Once I got ready for bed, the calls started coming in.  I told them repeatedly that they could read all about it on my blog.  Milaka got angrier, and Margot even called me this morning about it.  They have computers tho old, and both have modern cell phones.  They can get this blog on their cells.
·       Bobbie called three times.
·       On yesterday’s blog, I showed a variety of images, and only William knew who they were.  I am hoping that William will know who this angry bloke is today.  Thank you William.
·       Yesterday.  Made it to the hospital 15 minutes early.  Registered.  Surgery waiting room.  Walked to a room in the pre-op area, gowned, plugged into an IV with a mild sedative, yet when the doc came in, I was able to tell him that I was afraid.  Not of the surgery mind you, but what the surgery would find. 
·       Surgery nurse was another Comic Con fan.  Had a nice talk with the Anesthesiologist.  I liked her.  Told her about my glued in tooth…not to lean on it please.
·       Rolled into surgery.  Couldn’t lift myself onto the table…rolled and that worked. 
·       Woke in the post-op room.  Very awake.  One of the painkillers they gave me must have had a reverse effect.  Recovery room awake early. 
·       Doctor reported that one of the nodule restricted the access to my airway hence the coughing.  Got biopsies of everything.
·       All the nurses and doctors were wonderful.  Jell-O and crackers.  G was wonderful.
·       Vicious sore throat this morning, and my glued in tooth still with me.
·       This morning, more calls saying I had to phone them.  I didn’t’ say a word about both of them living down the street and never calling me for years.       

  • Himself:  Work early for a stuck finger, spot on back.
  • Myself:  Working here.  Finding out how phone users can access blogger, and going with G. 
  • Photo:  George and I am laughing.
  • Reading:  ”North to the Orient.”
  • Gratitude’s:  G was with me all day yesterday.


  1. Sorry, I do not know who this guy is supposed to be. Perhaps an original character.

    1. Thanks so much William. I'll post more tomorrow.

  2. Glad you got to Comic Con...or is this an older photo. Take your time with recovery. Have you read The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating...also written by a Bailey? Might be the slow read you need while you repair. Wishing I could take away the fear, but damn.

  3. Grown kids and grands do unconsciously tend to stay busy in their own concerns and let time slip by without applications of the relational "glue" that builds bonds among family members. So glad G has been there for you and that you have all those interesting Comic Con characters to look forward to.

  4. I am glad yesterday went as well as it did, Mage. You were on my mind.

  5. Yeah, my kinds can't be bothered either, especially the one farthest away. I take like maybe a minute day.

  6. Dear, dear Mage, you tell the children I'll back you to the hilt. To the end. Forever and ever. Because, of course, you are right. Get a good night's sleep, now.

  7. Hello... you just answered my question. I was thinking of calling you and asking how your biopsy surgery went. Our son Paul had hernia surgery today so your sore throat complaint resonates with me as the first thing he wanted when I picked him up from the hospital was "Wendy's! FROSTY!!!! Large, half & half!" Drove through the drive-thru and picked up another large for his dad and a medium for me. He's better--up and walking around a bit.

  8. Oh Mage...
    I am so hurting for you and thinking about you and praying for strength and peace for you to deal with all this. Life can be crappy sometimes, but I know you're going to get through this with that amazing will and courage you have under your belt.

  9. unhappy children regarding communication processes. poop

  10. Glad the surgery stuff is over for now. I hope the results are helpful and that your sore throat goes away quickly.

  11. Know you will be happy to get the results and know where you stand. Praying you have been shot at and missed. Sorry about the kids. They get wrapped up in their own lives and just assume you will always be at their beck and call when they wish. Only one sister in my family reads my blog. Rest well.




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