July 24, 2019


Look at that leather cutwork.

Yesterday I took both my broken plates to the dentist.  By the time i got there, I had lost one of the front teeth.  Only one plate will be fixed until I find the lost tooth.  Today I went to the Derm guy, who I really like, who burned a gathering of spots off my face and told me to come back next year.  I like that too.

Gathering my sense of humor in hand, G drove me up to Imaging Healthcare where I had the latest PET scan.  I haven’t been able to open their link to my tests.  She gave me a disc and suggested I also try saying that I’d lost my password.  By crackey, it worked.

They wrote:  CONCLUSION: 1. 2.8 cm hypermetabolic left hilar mass involving the lingula is suspicious for malignancy. 2. Hypermetabolic 1.4 cm left apical pulmonary nodule is suspicious for malignancy. 3. Small left adrenal nodule is stable in size compared with 1/29/2018 and therefore likely to be benign. 4. No evidence for mediastinal involvement or extra thoracic metastatic disease.”      

Everyone comes to Comic Con.

Including gators.           

  • Himself:  Went with me to the Docs, went with me to the Image place.  I let him go into the bank all by himself for our passports.  He needs his at work on Friday to prove he is legally allowed to work in this county.
  • Myself:  No metastatic cancer.  Dr’s office has called.
  • Photo:  Mine and cropped in photoshow.
  • Reading:  A few year old Pern I hadn’t read.
  • Gratitude’s:  Lots today.


  1. The 'no cancer' thing was definitely good news. Lots of gratitude there I'm sure.

    1. Yes to cancer. two one inch lumps of it in my left lung.

  2. Good to hear Mage. Now back into gear and get going again!

  3. That is very good news indeed, Mage. I had my MRI yesterday and they confirmed I didn't have a brain tumor so much relief over here too. I love your Comic Con photos. Those are amazing costumes.

  4. Loved the photos. Thanks for sharing them. So glad your medical stuff is coming up more positive. Good luck to G. on his retirement plans. There is life after claims handling!

  5. That leather work is amazing.
    So glad the doctor called for I understood none of the medical jargon. Great news. Now you just need to find that tooth.

  6. I'm confused Mage--I read on Ronni's blog that you have lung cancer, but here you said you didn't, and then I see a reply you made to only slightly confused that there is cancer. Hoping it's all sorted out.

    1. I posted their conclusions here. Up above. Two masses both suggested malignancy. My doc wants a specialist to biopsy them, but he hasn't called. I hope it is sorted out too. Soon.




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