July 2, 2019


It’s sunny.  The water in the pool was warm. Smiles abound.  I exercise in the pool till my knee feel baloonish.  If I remember to keep my leg straight, I can drive the truck.  Myrtle is new enough so there is little fuss getting her smogged.  Poof, plug it in and done.  Poof, take the paperwork too AAA.  Zap, put the new sticker on the plate.  Grumpy is a little more trouble.

First we have to use up all the gas in his gas tank.  I’m driving.  G’s driving.  We have half a tank to go.  G used a quarter of a tank to go to Poway and back last night.  Once it is empty, we have to use a really strong injector cleaner with more gas.  Maybe twice.  There’s nothing modern about Grumpy.  

Once that’s done, I can laugh at myself.  Yesterday I wore three full changes of clothes.   Coffee on the gym sweats.  Leaked on the shorts, and dinner on the dinner clothes.

Comic Con looms.  Yes, we will volunteer for an early shift if we can Bring Zoe with us.  Margot is dropping her off early, and I don’t quite know how that is going to work.  It’s amazing the focus of life as it changes.  No, right now I don’t have cancer….we await the results of the PET scan.  The vest is done.

The biggest decision of all: Are we going out or staying home on the 4th.

  • Himself:  Work, work, every number in the world fills his monitor.
  • Myself:  Swim, forget to drink coffee, finally get to it around to it by 10am.  Few coughs.  Slept well at last.
  • Photo:  Mine.
  • Reading:  Something downstairs.
  • Gratitude’s:  I come back and say thank you a lot,.


  1. Thank you, Dearie, for being the wonderful spirit that you are! i love how you laugh at yourself. It is all an easier ride this year, is it not? How cool to spend time with your young adult grandchild with something inter generational. Maybe with your artist skills you can get some good portraits of her.

  2. I bet the black and white twill under the uniform is a handwoven Mexican poncho. See, I can spot 'em every time.

    1. And here I was thinking it was PJ's. LOL

  3. Grumpy is going to make it!

  4. Our Honda Civic is a 2001 and it passes quite easily.

  5. Have you tried Seafoam in Grumpy? I use it for everything since a mechanic introduced me to it. Hope your Pet scan keeps the good news coming.

  6. Comic con with your girl should be fun!

    Keeping fingers crossed for you, Mage.

  7. It's the time of year to change clothes more frequently. Yes, it has been quite warm here with temperatures in the 'feels like' 90s range.




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