September 20, 2019

The days are going by too fast!

If you don’t want details, don’t read.  I’m home and fine.  J

I’m still coughing terribly holding my side to hold myself together.  No longer do I cough up great gobs of dried red blood.  Now instead, I am showing signs of healing at last.  I did take a yellow note pad and pen with me to the Hospital hoping I could write slightly lyrically. 

Instead:  Long prep, long stay in post op…nothing lyrical about that writing.  No AFIB during surgery as the doc gave me a beta blocker.  One pill for the cost of the two I removed from my roster of meds.  The rest of my first day was spent napping and or eating.

Second day, Friday, started with an x-ray them morphed into snoozing mindlessly. 
Third Day: Saturday, I obsessed on my blood sugar.  It led me into diabetes and paranoia.  147 the first day.  118, then 116 by nightfall and 103 by bed time.  By Sunday I was once again at 95.  Monday I slept most of the day, and by TUESDAY I DEVOLVED INTO MINDLESLESSLLY THINKING.  This is not a light and furry entry; much less amusing.

G has applied to Scripps Home Health Services, and maybe life will move fractionally smoofer when it arrives.

I’m home.  I spent most of yesterday figuring out the new vs old meds.  I must honestly say, I am sleeping the sleep of the just.  Lovely stuff sleep.  Simply wonderful.

  • Himself:  Working hard to pay the bills.
  • Myself:  Pretty good all but the cough.
  • Photo:  Mother or father: Easter Sunday dress; and it itched.
  • Reading:  Another Stevenson.  I did enjoy the 4 about Mrs. Rome.
  • Gratitude’s:  My list if awfully full today.


  1. It is so good to hear news of your past week, Mage. You were on my mind a number of times. It sounds like you did well in spite of the ordeal. Way to go! You’ve got this!

    I love that photo. The spirit of that young girl is alive and recovering!

  2. That dress is so pretty. Well, it doesn't appear itchy and you don't appear itched!
    I'm still watching 4301' I must see if it is the one that comes to town, once a year.
    And finally, so glad you're home and mending.

  3. It's a good sign that you can blog and post, and you seem to be in a good frame of mind. Cheers.

  4. Welcome home. Sleep is good. Heal well friend. Hugs.

  5. I'm glad you're home. One's own room (and bed) is the very best medicine.

  6. At last long nights of sleep. Having insomnia at least 3 nights a wekk, I envy you muchly for that. You sound like you are on the positive side of life right now, so that will improve healing.

  7. So glad you got through it all and are now home resting. Hope next week is even better.

  8. So glad you are back and getting lots of rest. That is kind of important. Hope that cough is soon to be just a memory. Keep healing friend.

  9. I'm so glad things are going more or less smoothly. That coughing sounds awful, with the blood too. That sounds so scary. Good for you with the blood sugar. Ummmm... mine was 117 today. 120 a few days ago. You are motivating me to be more careful.


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