October 27, 2019


The little diesel railroad the travels near the Zoo.

“You had better get used to being with me,” George told me yesterday.  He’s cancelled the cruise and stay at the Queen Mary.  “Pretty soon, I’m the only one you are going to see.”

That’s right too.  Chemo therapy and crowds don’t mix.  I didn’t believe Bobbie when she first told me.  I do now.  In the mien time, I’m grabbing all the social time I can.  Watching, that is.  From the lines at the Zoo, which no longer has local passes under $150.00, to the Low Riders at the museum, I traveled Sunday with Camera.

From fire engine BBQ’s to quinceanera’s, the center of the park was full of celebrations

Our friend Don used to have his studio in this tower.  Spanish Village's charming structures shelter many small studios offered to local artists at a low rate.

The front of an especially well detailed Lowrider at the Automotive Museum.


Sometimes even the undersides were beautiful.           

The boys of Summer guarding the museum:  George, Tony, and Tom.


  1. It's hard to isolate yourself but the fallout from catching something post-chemo is fierce. Sending you love and hugs. Love the little diesel train :-)

  2. I hope you won't have to be isolated for too long. Best of luck with the chemo and the isolation.

  3. I hope the chemo goes well, Mage. Thinking of you. Take care.

  4. Hoping everything works out well for you during the chemo treatments.

  5. Get out as much as you can until the time comes.

  6. We're outside the window, waving and cheering for you!

  7. I had a friend just go through that isolation stage and it is hard. We missed her but she is back now. At least you have great company in George.

  8. Love the train photo and the park photos. What's going on with George's knees??? They look like they might be painful. Wish I could see all of those cars up close -- just gorgeous paint jobs! Huge hugs and thanks!

    1. He just wore them out. They are very painfuul.

  9. p.s. When did tickets to the Zoo become so expensive?? We used to get in for less than $5 apiece and when we were kids, we got in for free! Didn't know we had it so good...

  10. Prices have been going up...and up.We used to have a membership for 70 some bucks, but not now.

  11. I love all your photos. That quinceanera dress is just amazing. It's like a pre-wedding dress.
    I didn't know there was an isolation stage of chemo. My friend just went through it all with flying colors and looks great. I'm going to expect that for you too.




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