September 5, 2007

Guilty Mending First

Down in the garage sorting out fabrics for the Transportation Quilt. August 2007.

I'm mending today, or at least I call what I am doing mending. You can think of me with my sewing table pushed up to the bedroom door, my tiny pile of mending beside me, and a giant pile of fabrics on the bed behind me.

I have been putting this minor sewing stuff off forever, yet this morning, after helping clean my home before the water was shut down, I’ve already taken in the waist of a pair of black Bermuda shorts. I am ready to put darts in a turquoise pair before moving to mend my brown raffia bag that broke on our cruise. I gotta have shorts in this weather. No one really wants to see my scars or compression socks, but long pants are unbearably uncomfortable in the heat we have had.

In all clear conscience, I cannot start work on the next quilt until the mending is done. Sometimes all I can do is laugh at myself.

Me: Delightfully cool at last here. I’ve been hunting for Anne Haynes, “Union Castle Line Pursette” online, new or used, and am not making great headway today. Took in black shorts, teal next, then a purse to mend.

G: Tells me he’s doing better, but I don’t know. He’s not all perky yet tho he’s loving working back at his old job. He is hating going in later and coming home later. For years we used to eat at four thirty, and for the next few weeks we will be eating at five before the time is moved again to five thirty. We don’t do well eating at that time. We will have to adjust, won’t we.

Duck: Delightfully fuzzy. He’s latched onto his joke about “His” dog, and even if Duck can’t remember what’s happening in his life, his dog thinks it delightful. Last night we chatted with both of them in their rooms with the curtain pulled between the beds. I sat in Duck’s wheel chair between the two spaces and talked with both Fred and Duck.

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