September 21, 2007

Seven, Eight: Sweep the night

Ballpark Images: Two shots of Marine recruits coming to a Saturday game: Copyright in G’s real name, 2007.

The team cranks up to a series of wonderful wins while those of us who work there grind to a slowdown.

I head for work hopefully prepared for anything. In the background, roars fill the air from airplanes making fast turns around pylons in the bay for the Red Bull Air Races that begin today. Above, the sky threatens us with dark, high flying clouds, and we all hope we are prepared for incoming thunder, lightening, and downpour. I have layers, and more layers….the top being a cheap plastic poncho. A black hand towel hangs from a pocket, and my gloves for the day are cotton so the impending rain won’t ruin them. I have a small black umbrella too.

Watch now, it won’t rain. It’ll go north of us.

The internet has been burping. No OD. And too, it’s been hard to get anywhere. Slow going. Partial loads, time outs, not just here but everywhere. I haven’t been the one to play online, but G reports these problems from his struggles at work.

My computer had a virus too. I’ve not been here to deal with any of this. Not even on my mirror site. Yes, I have one. I started one years ago, and I reupped it at Blogspot when Ronni Bennett couldn’t navigate OD. I’m Day Tripper at Blogspot also, thank you. It’s a different format, but I have managed to include much the same content. On my computer, the virus was eliminated. The computer, which was slowed to the point of uselessness, was cleaned, dusted, and done in by the master, and is now running right again too.

All this while I haven’t been here.

Just to add a tiny bit extra to the frosting, the bus company has changed the bus schedules. I can either be half an hour early for work….to which I am half an hour early for anyway, or I can be right on time and pray no bus is late anywhere in the system so I make it there in just enough time to wash my tables and chairs off. I can’t sit in the stands anymore; I’ve been told this is a no-no. So I take the new, very late bus, and I pray.

Good news, filtered from the bits of detritus floating around the park, my favorite supervisor will be getting Padres employee of the year. It’s a great pick, a wonderful choice; she deals with the difficult and awkward with panache and skill. I am being allowed off my post to photograph the ceremony on the field. Gee, and I knew this bit of news weeks ago and managed to keep my mouth shut. Not telling her was one of the harder things I’ve had to do. Sometimes, all you can do is laugh with joy. We did that jumping up and down and thumping the tiny woman on the back. All of us were so very pleased with the company decision to make her the best of the best of us.

Today we will all go be the best of the best supporting a great team as the skies open and the world floods. Maybe. Anticipation indeed.

Me: Glad to be back. Creaky. Smiling. Preparing for a downpour. G and Ba will be there today, and G will be there Sunday which is a day game.

G: Still having fun at work. Ready for today’s game….but did he think of a raincoat?

Duck: Fuzzy but glad to see us.

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