October 17, 2007


The cottage living room with Pico on the bed. OB, 1980 Journal, Volume 9.

It’s one of those record keeping entries. You know those, an “I’m going to do this,” sort of entry so I don’t forget what I did.

Shower too. Dress, write check for Martha, gather unto me whatever I need, to class where I am ready to read the entry on what we stopped doing, and off joyfully to meet with Marion B and Tehachap at Marion’s house for Lunch. Lunch won’t matter at all in that August company where I will get to hear all the latest news. You bet this is exciting.

Maybe I should take my camera.

Me: Actually got everything on my list done. I even got the button sewed on.

G: Still have him doing research at work. They approved a nine day vacation. We went shopping at Ross after dinner and got him three new cheapie pairs of pants and sweats. I’ll mark them this evening.

Duck: Beginning to scratch again. Sitting on his bed and bleeding everywhere when we arrived. Very oblivious to his scratching until he starts bleeding. His clothes were covered in blood. That’s the third pair of pants/sweats we have thrown away this week. The old Duck would have been appalled by how he looks.

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