February 17, 2008

Tap Dancing To The Moon......

......or other bits of a day with Retail Therapy........

G in a quiet moment between bouts of shopping, 1990.

Duck: Up, in chair, and his hearing is returning in his right ear.

Me: Exercising, not scanning, enjoying G. I mean, what else is there besides laundry.

G: Appears to have a sense of humor this morning. He’s making life viable by deleting old contacts in his cell phone.
We snuggled with coffee, a heater, and CBS Sunday Morning over the newspaper. Sometimes on a crisp, cold morning, that’s the best that can be found. Shortly we will go back to Ross Dress For Less to replace the new leg weight.

Yes, G cut the fabric on one leg weight when struggling with the packaging while cutting it open. This packaging plastic was beyond tempered steel in toughness, believe it.

Maybe I will waste fifteen bucks on those wonderful blue, glove leather flats. The wrong size isn’t a barrier…….until you get them home and find you are slipping and sliding in shoes that don’t fit. Ah, well. We’ll visit an estate sale between loads of laundry and Ducky visits. Retail therapy, even if you only look, lightens the sense of humor into the ridiculous. Who needs twenty south sea styled wooden bowls shaped like a leaf? How bout seventy-five copper Jell-O molds?

Shopping till you drop is fun. I know. I live with the expert.

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  1. I admit I'm no expert on art, but these sketches are really good to me. I was wondering if you're able to do any sketching these days? Your journaling on Duck accompanied by your sketches would make such a nice book.


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