March 11, 2008

Computer Survey....edited

Gramma eating lunch and laughing at her computer before the room was cleaned.

Duck: Delightfully and totally out of it today. With humor not panic. “There’s a meeting in my room after dinner,” he told G. “I volunteered for something but I don’t know what.” G told him sternly, “Don’t volunteer for anything.” Duck asked, “What happens when I graduate from here?” “You are part of the extended program,” G replied with a straight face.

Me: Walked, cleaned, walked, and went down to the hot tub to do my exercises. The water was green. I did them anyway, and the water wasn’t too hot. G wrote the property manager about the water color.

G: Says our Toyota Corolla has a retail value of $12,267.00 and three years ago we paid $13,000 for it. He loves this sort of stuff. He was wonderful with Duck tonight, and delighted to tell me that most of the car/truck guys at work are buying new and smaller wheels. Grumpy and I continue our forays out into the world, just far less often now. Soon I will be baseballing, and G will have to remember to drive Grumpy one day a week.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule. We only have to work 77 out of 84 games this year. Wow. Yearly training is on the 20th, 9 to 1.
On Open Diary I found an amusing survey yesterday. Computers. A when did you get your first one, sort of thing. When did I? I had to ask G.

The finished survey can be found at my Open Diary blog….Day Tripper Survey, but here are a few random answers.

3. How did you learn to use a computer and the Internet?

There were no instructions. We spent lots of time on the phone with the help desk, and then did it all again. And again. Trial and Error were us. He learned to install programs and how the computer worked. I learned how to use the programs and how to crash them with little effort. HP’s were more than proprietorial, and we insisted on adding programs that we wanted to play with. HP’s didn’t play well with others especially editors of any sort in those days. HP bought it back. We learned a lot.

6. Do you spend much time looking up information online? What are some of the primary things you seek info about?

Yes. Oh, ocean liners, fiber arts, art, painting, ocean liners, cruise ships, architecture, anything on the water, quilting, ocean liners, people, dementia, age and aging, urban archology, blogs, blogs, and more blogs of all sorts. See my blog roll at Day Tripper at Blogspot for a brief sampling.

20. Do other family members in your house use the computer, and if so, how much and for what?

Oh, Goodness. Him? Shall I rat him out? He’s quite obsessed with gaming. His computer may be older than mine, but everything in it is far bigger and better and newer than what came in it so he can play games. And now, it’s too old and not able to be updated for the new games. He does have a blog, images only, but I would break his anonymity if I linked to it. He also comes in and watches some TV with me just before bed. He’s a good guy.

Me? I usually look at ship pages for an hour or so in the evenings if there’s time after visiting Duck. My brain is too mushy to do Photoshop work. Later I read and watch garbage TV until our 9:30pm bedtime.

23. Besides the Internet, what do you use your computer for the most?

Photographs….slowly I learn Photoshop. I write. Every day I blog, work on an essay or two, I mutter about a poem or two, and wear the poor thing out.

24. What brand of computer do you own? How old is it?

Mine is a Gateway 836GM, next to it sits the Dell Optiplex we call Myrtle which is our external hard drive, and G has a Gateway 500 series. Down there under the desk in its case is a Dell laptop D600 that older than much of anything but is fun to blog on when we travel. BlogAddicts-R-Us. They are all old. Mine is the newest at about 4 years old.

7. Do you play computer, or otherwise? If so, what are your favorite ones?

Solitaire. Do jigsaw’s count? I may not play games, but I play with my photographs every day. Sometimes I pop one or two of them into JigZone just to amuse myself. See, it’s almost baseball time again.

AutumnLeaf writes, “Somehow, I doubt that this is interesting to anyone else, but it was fun to remember.” It was indeed.

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  1. JigZone sounds really interesting. I must find out more. It's really nice to hear Duck is laughing a lot these days, and that G is smiling. Guess you're really looking forward to that cruise!


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