May 8, 2008


Medical stuff written down so I remember. Go ahead and skip this if you want. I’m not holding you responsible for reading my memory.

Point Loma in the background and Ballast Point in the foreground. Elation leaving San Diego Bay. Ballast point was the place the sailing ships that arrived without cargo would unload their ballast before moving on into the bay and loading cargo. 2008.

Gratitude: Renamed my Blogger blog Postcards. That reflects my current thinking….tiny good glimpses of life. Two nephews college graduations. Bravo.

Useful: (Borrowing this from Arbi, thank you Arbi.) Today just keeping things simple and keeping moving.

Better Fitness: Didn’t walk yesterday. Came home and was depressed….which is not the way to good health. Today I am remembering that laughter is the best medicine.

In my thoughts: Always Duck. FunB and the results of her lumpectomy/mastectomy. Always G. Often Ba. G and I talked about Ba, and he doesn’t react so angrily when I mention her now. MarionB…there were no ladies at lunch yesterday. Obviously I needed to email or write before going to lunch.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.
Game Weather schedule.
There are those medical days that one would rather put aside and say, “Oh, I’d rather be quilting.”

Not my hip, my back. Tho I have a small bone spur on my hip and some calcification in my knee, there’s no need for concern. Yes, that tendon should have healed in five to six weeks after the accident. It didn’t…not even five to six years. Now they are sending me for an MRI.

One always hopes for a quick fix and is depressed when there isn’t one.

Today the Vascular Surgeon. He’s really good, I think the world of him, but I have to remember all the things I want to ask in the five seconds of his time I will be granted. It’s a good thing this guy has a sense of humor.

  • Edema in upper right leg moving to whole leg, moving to lower left leg.

  • Rash starting in lower right leg now moved to left leg and moving up both legs now.

  • Yes, I am wearing stockings, compression socks, socks…et al, but it’s hard to do when the temp is 98 degrees Fahrenheit and my body hates heat.

  • Yes too, the results from yesterday and the news of an upcoming MRI.

That aught to do it. Knowing me, even if I write it down, I’ll forget.

Still working on surfaces around the house where the detritus of our trip managed to land. Amazing how much flat-out “stuff” there is. At least the Mexican Shopping Bag I bought made it to the truck. I always wanted to own one of those.

Beginning to pack for work. Though we have a giant tube of 50 sunscreen, I bought a new bottle of that 50 “which won’t run in your eyes sunscreen.” That’s already packed. I’m almost out of pens too….imagine that. Only the kind with buttons on top work well on my job. As a sop to my “out-of-ness,” I get to go to Staples/Office Depot after the checkup. What fun. I love window shopping at office stores.

New books. I do have a pile of those. Yes, the Nevada Barr was a good read. Scarier than heck. Now “Compulsion” by Jonathan Kellerman. That should keep me pinned to the edge of my seat instead of quilting.

Maybe I need to quilt too…one chapter here, one block there.


  1. Saying Hi. Whole leg thing sounds painful, especially when you are standing at work so much. Thinking fondly of DUck, do you have anymore Plaid stories? Was it Plaid, or did I remember wrong?

  2. Finally got computer time and a chance to catch up with you. I enjoyed your cruise more than the only one I ever took. Also, pictures are great; everything looked very interesting.

  3. Hi! Just stopped by to catch up. Sorry your troubles just seem to hang on on on. Hope the MRI shows up something that can be fixed!


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