June 6, 2008

Blog Roll Bits

One can do or keep anything on a blog…how about “Roll Overs.” It appears there is.

Me: Set things up to quilt, but never got to it. The simple dinner was great. Woke at four am; dozed until five am.

G: Struggled with some coding. Had a great call from ThomaS who helped us both with PS tricks.

Baseball: We are parking and riding today. Since he doesn’t have to wait an hour after the game for me, we will save twelve bucks on parking. My senior pass is only 17 a month.
Blogrolls are ubiquitous. Everyone has one in some form. But I don’t just read people blogs any more.

On what began as my backup blog, Postcards here at blogger, I keep an almost full list of the non-Open Diary blogs and sites I visit listed by type. Because it is in some form of order, I find I actually use it often as a tool. Do I need to find a museum? Here it is? A ship blog? A photographic history blog roll That’s in a blogroll on another blog, but I know where to find it. I’ve been known to use other’s blog rolls for they’ve done the basic research for me.

Today I thought I might share a few of my more interesting finds.

”A Repository for Bottled Monsters” is truly the name for the unofficial blog for the National Museum of Health and Medicine (nee the Army Medical Museum) in Washington, DC. “Visit for news about the museum, new projects, musing on the history of medicine and neat pictures,” they tell us. Often linking to great museums and unheard of sites, this blog will stir your imagination and leave you longing to migrate to the Washington Museums post haste.

One of them, the The Library of Congress Blog, is a bit behind in blogging. What I see leaves me longing for more and wishing they would post every day.

Many of these finds were originally links on Curious Expeditions, a blog that’s subtitled “Traveling and exhuming the extraordinary past.” I often follow a link to follow another link and find myself in a museum far off in Afghanistan or even Peru. In the entries on their front page today, I noted links to museums like The Merchants House Museum. Built in 1832, and owned by one family. It’s like stepping back in time to visit this home. The New York Transit Museum is just waiting to tell you all about the history of the subway. Stop a moment and visit the magic collection of Americana at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown. I bet with just a click or two of your mouse, you can find a museum near you that’s worth visiting in this era of over four dollars a gallon gas.

Morbid Anatomy has a fascinating blog roll of museums also… “Surveying the Interstices of Art and Medicine, Death and Culture.” I would never have known about wax models if I had not stopped in here. The Japanese anatomical charts show a rare beauty of line even if they depict the subject with eyes of a dragon.

If you find all these artifacts boring, stop in a moment with Dark Roasted Blend. He offers us a fresh daily blog roll covering everything “from soup to nuts,” as my mother used to say. His subtitle asks, “Looking for the weird and wonderful things to complement your daily coffee ritual? …A daily dose of awesome for you. (T)hemed DRB articles, arranged by categories, …highly-popular archives, or regular "Biscotti: Mixed Links & Images" issues. Above all, have fun…”

I'm here usually at the end of my day skimming down a bit to find the day’s magic. Today is extreme sand sculpting. I’m captivated by the Japanese lion and the dragon rising from the sand to devour the sand sculptor. This is just today’s entry, yesterday I shared The Drag and Drop World at Biscotti Bits with G. We both laughed out loud.

The internet is a wonderful, magical place where I could wander for hours. I never know what I will find when I open up my computer in the mornings. Who knows what new thing will be found around the next blog roll in the next few years. What ever it is, I'm sure it will be just as delightful.


  1. MAGE, WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME?.............. Like I don't spend too much time on the computer already (according to Hubby)! Seriously, this has been a lot of fun. I didn't have time to get into all the links but enjoyed what I did see, and plan to mark the calendar with the date of this post so I can come back and revisit whenever I have those extra moments to play. Thanks!

  2. Oh, Alice. I'm so sorry. Yes, aren't they wonderful spots. I'll post more later.

  3. I love Dark Roasted Blend. Don't visit it often enough with all the people blogs I read. And now you give me more places to go visit. :-)


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