June 19, 2008

Megan's Graduation

Top: Beth walking onto the field. Bottom: Beth, Center, with her mom and dad, June 18, 2008.

Him: Picked up a worm on his work computer. He felt physically better. Monday he had felt awful.

Her: Yesterday: Worst day in years with my IBS. Went to graduation anyway. Since we are both equally miserable, I was thinking that the problem might be the no sugar cough drops we consume too liberally at bedtime. Today: Water Aerobics, play with graduation photos, (more later), work on poem, go to Old Poets Lunch. Retirement does not mean going quietly into this good night.

Photos: Snapfish, my photohost, is not acting as a photohost at this time. I apologize for any missing pictures. I'll replace them as fast as I can move them to a new photohosting service.
She graduated yesterday with honors and is going on to college. We are more than proud of her.

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