July 11, 2008


G: 300 cars on his list, and he has finished the research on 40 of the 300. Loving it too.

G’ette: Wednesday, read the Architecture piece in class. Thursday to dentist who said my teeth are grand. Lunch with the Poets and was able to report the piece I read was up on line with photos. Will send them a link to the other blog as it is far easier to access. Swam, healing with some classic bruises, picked up a fungi, starting research on the WPA Murals.

Weather: Night and morning fogs. Most days are cool now. The skies are smoke glazed tho, and the folks up north are in my mind all the time.

Menus: A second night of spaghetti and baked turkey meatballs. They were really good. The salad was a light version of Bonnie D’s Avocado salad: Avocado, lots of kinds of lettuces, steamed zucchini, parmesan cheese, parsley, green olives, and minced onion. Dressiong: Olive oil, lemon juice, cumin. Ordered Marie’s cake before dinner. Dinner tonight at ballpark will be dollar hot dogs.

Gypsy Spirit: Gypsy Spirit is home again, exhausted, but it sounds as if she had a grand time.
I finished off that expository piece about the Nazi Architecture, read it, posted it, which got a far better response than I expected, and did anything but write today.

I’ve volunteered with the Cancer Society. Unfortunately, my friend at the last place has moved on to another job, so I too will now move on to something new. I’ll be having fun in the back rooms of a thrift store. Imagine. It’s always been a secret desire of mine. I bet the reality matches my dreams.

Traveling: I’ve plotted out my friend Kay’s “day” schedule on a chart, and I’ve plotted her husband’s “night” schedule. Now we have to see if we will fit in there somewhere for a day or so in September. There’s a three day window toward the end of September that we all are free, even if D is sleeping we are free. If we stop by the train museum in Sacramento, see an OD’er for dinner, and head north again the following day, that’s stop one. Second stop, a couple of days in Comptche to visit and ride the skunk train. Third stop a day in San Francisco. Two nights in motels, and eight days on the road. Now we see if G has the vacation days.

Or………can we take a train and a rental car out of somewhere far north. We do so like trains. G said he would check on that.

Friday: He works, I volunteer, we meet in the middle here, smiling, laughing, happily at 3:30pm heading to the ball game….yes, we are still losing umpteen in a row.

Saturday: Dinner with Aaron. It’s his birthday, and we are taking him out plus blessing him with a little cash. I told G to call him and ask him to bring a friend.

Sunday: Pick up Marie’s cake at 9am, head to Escondido, which has been suffering astronomically high temperatures, and introduce my own daughter at a meeting with a few words and a four year token. I never thought I would live to see this day.


  1. Mage, back to the red squares again.
    I am glad you found some work at the thrift shop. What are you going to be doing in the back room?

  2. your comments on my blog are delightful. always a pleasure to hear from you. and your july 11 menu, yummmm.


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