January 22, 2009

Into Action......Limited

Dinghies by the bay waiting for their owners to get off work. Photographed yesterday on my first saunter while G was walking. 2009.

Himself: Took me to the docs and suffered through all the blood and gore as one of the good guys. Then…..he took me out to dinner.

Herself: Back to everything on a limited basis for the first week. For Tehachap: The incision was to be a little one, but an artery got in the way. Now it goes every which direction.

Balance: Being able to type two handed but wearing my brace. Driving a car. Going to the Poets Lunch….hurrah……with a poem. Getting a call….almost daily, from daughter Marie.
  • Thank you all for reading here even if I couldn’t write day to day entries. I certainly appreciated every one of you. My writing and noting are still limited as my hand strength and range of motion are limited. You may still get a smile for a note. Entries will be vastly shorter.

  • I can drive if I wear a brace, if I drive the automatic. Dear G gave up his economical car for the day so I could have lunch with the poets group. No…..I haven’t tried driving a car……what’s that you say? You heard a massive crash? Perhaps it’s my first attempt to get out of the garage?

  • The surgeon said the surgery went fine except that there was a giant artery right through the middle of it all where it wasn’t supposed to be. An anomaly, he called it. I replied, perhaps that’s why the right hand lasted over twenty years longer than the left. He also said……..

    Limited walking……shuffling, and if my hand swells raise it.
    Swimming again in a week. Ditto work.
    Limited typing. If it hurts stop. Gee, how sensible.
    No work yet….he must have seen me lifting those heavy boxes behind those closed doors.
    Bent knee lifts again…..oh, hurrah.
    Then again, he doesn’t remember details about patients, so perhaps he forgot my worn out hip. Who am I to tell him…..I’ll just be sensible. Me?

  • PT again in the Scripps/Mercy Outpatient building which has very limited parking. Yes, at 0630 in the morning, there should be parking. I’ll be there.

  • Still taking the last of the Celebrex tho I sleep little and have massive nightmares. Yes, in my dreams both of us were working again for National Towing…..a fate worse than death. Then again, I spent one whole night dreaming that one old ex-friend was back in our lives. When I told G, he shuddered. Isn’t the mind a wonderful thing?

  • Gee, it’s nice to be here today.


  1. Mage, so glad to hear the surgery went well. Spilled a soft drink over my laptop (!) on Tuesday while glued to a livestream of the inauguration. Just starting to get through my google reader list. Just hope you take the right amount of time to recover well and completely. I will have you in my thoughts. May you feel better and regain some of your agility.

  2. Thanks so much......I'm being gentle with that hand.

  3. Seeing your wonderful photos is the high point of each day.

    Glad you're out and about and getting back toward normalcy.

  4. So happy to have you back and doing well. I missed your daily updates.


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