January 20, 2009

Moving Day at the White House

The White House. Image from The Senate Visitor Center.

Entries: Written in advance. I confess. Even this one.

Himself: Has made big changes this year. He’s still enjoying work, and he’s proud that he’s walking every day before dinner.

Herself: Did a lot of one handed stuff on the computer yesterday, and I’m planning a lot of TV watching today.

Balance: The nice emails and cards.
The day the old President moves out of the White House and the new President moves in is a busy day at this old residence. Not only is it a changing of the guard politically, it is another step into the future for this unique sandstone residence that was built between 1792 and 1800.

The White House staff has six hours to move the old President out and the new one in. The Bush’s have helped by moving most of their things out early both from the White House and Camp David. Tomorrow, on the hour, the staff will begin removing the last of the Bushes belongings and bringing in the Obama things. By the end of the Inaugural and the parades, when the family returns to their new residence, all their clothes will be hung up in the closets, the boxes will have vanished, and the Head Usher will be at the door to welcome them home.


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  1. Watching TV from my office, I just saw images of painters inside the White House, getting things all ready. There was mention that the children's toys will be on their beds when they "come home" later today.


    (I hope they're using low-VOC paints!)


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