January 29, 2009

A Stuff, Bit, Ort, Errand Kind Or Day

Georgette with Grumpy 1989.

Himself: Still employed, walking, having fun. Board meeting tonight.

Herself: Bonding. Today, stuff.

Balance: G was my balance yesterday.

Caught my attention: Bacon Explosion at The BBQ Addicts. This is really a high fat entrée.

In the dark, which I am not supposed to drive in, Grumpy and I are making our way to the physical therapy place where it is so very hard to park…….and they charge. In fifteen minutes.

Later, I will do lunch at Nati’s with the Poets…..eating well before them to keep my IBS in order.

At least I noticed that my rings were still off my hands from surgery. I think my observation powers are zilch these days.

Dinner is baked potatoes and salad. Yes, the slow cooker goulash was really pretty good stuff last night. Simple stuff tonight.

G’s off then to a board meeting and I am off to mend.

Sometimes prosaic days are the best....or should that word be "mundane."

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