February 15, 2009

The Day After

The M’s, February 2009.

Himself: Wore Orange yesterday, and today is off to the Automotive museum.

Herself: Wore Blue yesterday….obviously missing the point of the day.

Balance: The two M’s wore red.

It was a sugar weekend. You know those weekends…..sometimes you have sweet moments like that yourself. Two cookies and donuts for lunch Friday. All sensibility fled after that. Crème Brule for him and a desert sampler for her at the Bali Hai after dinner.

Saturday we took the M’s a birthday gift and took them off to the local donuttery along with ten thousand others…..no lack of spending for food this Valentines day holiday…….to confront more sugar, powdered sugar, white frosting slathered on with and without sprinkles, oh the endless sugar. The granddaughter sensibly took a bite here and a bite there and let the rest of the sugar go. Delightful, but impossible for the rest of us sugarholics.

Sunday we confronted our demons and G went sugarless went I went less sugar on my cereal and in my coffee.

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  1. Happy birthday, darling mini-M! Blue is ok, dear Mage! veins are bluish, so we must have blue blood going through our lovely red hearts. Orange, though, my favorite color...well, cannot stretch that.

    Funny find on "day after" on a fellow waterblogger's site, Frogma: valentine's day means to her that the day after, heart-shaped chocolates will be 50% off!


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