February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

My Valentine…not at all Grumpy.

Himself: Woke to find his company at war with its outsourcing.

Herself: Was behind the behind all day.

Balance: Dinner out on the bay last night without the crowds. Tonight home cooking: Lamb chops for him, cream cheese and noodles, and a gooey tossed green salad.

Caught my attention: Sometimes Ruthe just chats along in her blog as we all do, then, after a careful spate of planning, she grabs her hat and off she goes into the wild again. Now back from her latest, a many month trip to Japan and China, she is building a book about it. There are links there to her separate blogs for her far travels. Links to various art shows you might enjoy too. Do travel along with her.

  • Happy Valentines Day!

  • Behind myself all day yesterday. We all have those days and all I could do was laugh. An example…..in fifteen minutes I had the bed made, got dressed, did the dishes, started a load of laundry, and got myself off to the pool…..where I arrived on time. Why did the time go so fast when I was online earlier? Gee……..later I found myself creeping along, unable to move wondering why I suddenly grew so old. More odd laughter once I figured it out. The weather had changed.

  • My other blog, “Day Tripper,” is “off line for maintenance” for a while. Not good. Not at all. A lot of us worry. Blogger never goes down, but for some sideways reason, hackers have a tendency to hack and slash at Open Diary. Perhaps it’s because it is a hive site……social network site.

  • Why is OD important today. One friend's granddaughter, Savanah, has platelets that are way to low. After a bone marrow transplant a while ago, this is not a good thing. I had wanted to stop and find out how she was.

    Also today was the day I was to post the final photograph on the Marion B blog. Yesterday was the back of the house from down the hill. Today was a view of the front at night. I'll tell this story later.

    Equally important, how can I socially network to wish all those lovely people a Happy Valentines Day if they are all lost in the ether. Then again, I’m having a senior morning as evidenced by the fact that I gave G Margot’s birthday card as a valentine. Perhaps I just need to be muzzled for a while to let that senior confabulation concatenate. Leave my tongue in my cheek too.


  1. A blogger friend says that in Finland they call St. Valentine's Day also Happy Friend Day. Sounds good to me.

    Please keep up up-to-date on your grand daughter's condition. Sure hope she is fine.

    All the best to you.

  2. Your photo of "not at all grumpy" is a gray box, again. Do you have any idea of what is happening?

    I love the photo in the previous post. I can remember when my granddaughter did that to me, a long time ago.

  3. I returned today to look at the gray box and the picture appeared. Good photo; I just wish I understood these things.

  4. Thanks for coming back Ruthe.....
    It was a coding boo boo on the part of my photo host. I'm so sorry they have these intermittent problems. I wrote them and things seem to be working again.......


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