February 10, 2009

I've Been Tagged

Himself: More meetings about the southernmost employees. The topic of baksheesh or mordita was brought up for the first time.

Herself: PT….lots of new exercises, and home to work on an essay for class. Had I already read it? Now that I’m seriously whacking away at it, I need to ask someone that question.

Balance: Not walking in the rain when the Great G did.

Tugster tagged me yesterday. I must admit, I wasn’t sure of this.

The directions, from Frogma who tagged Tugster a week ago, say: “go to the 4th folder in your archives and choose the 4th foto. Comment on it. Then “tag” four fellow bloggers and ask they do the same.”

First, I was dubious about my forth folder and its contents. It truly could have been anything from my continually attached camera. These two folks are water people, and the forth folder could have been grandkids, a trip to a graveyard, or even a still life of some sort. Stuffed rabbits abound…and obscure folders predominate, in my computer as well as my brain….who knew what I’d find.

To my great pleasure, the forth folder was titled “Blog jpgs”……those I use for headers or my portrait in a side bar. To my joy, the forth picture in the forth folder turned out to be one of the bay photograph headers for my Blogger space Postcards. Hurrah, I wasn’t a watery failure after all.

Comment on it: It had been a lovely May afternoon. We had taken the ferry over to Coronado for lunch, and on our way back on board, I snapped this shot. Later looking for a water focused shot to be a header on “Postcards,” I trimmed this down to fit the header space. It never quite worked right.

Tagging four others: Please feel free to do this one if you wish…..or not. Any of you. Not wanting to be intrusive, I’ve always been a failure at tagging people. Do let me know if you do it tho. I’d be interested.


  1. Hey, my fellow taggee!
    Seeing all the subjects you feature, I bet it was an exciting moment to open door number four!

    On tagging others: I know what you mean, for, I'm a chain breaker. If you want a chain to end, send it to me. I will release you and countless others from the spector of those horrid things they say will happen if you break the chain. THus far: my fingers are still on, my computer is virus free, my house did not explode, I did not grow two heads...

  2. well done. i'm usually uninclined to take orders such as .."pass this on to N people", but among friends, i can do it, and that's what i did. thank you. what's coronado?

  3. Baksheesh! Does that mean what I think it means--like in India? I like the photo, by the way. I don't like walking in the rain--unless I have on my ugly yellow giant sized rain slicker.


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