February 13, 2009

A Loverly Month

Margot with her youngest Madgie. 2008.

Himself: Every day lately, he’s been getting an hour of overtime to work on the Special Project…..a three dimensional, rotating version of the companies regular work.

Herself: It’s in the 40’s out by the pool now. “They” said the water was 80, but you and I know it wasn’t. I was the only person there for the back half of the class, and I was very grateful to have the usual class ending stretches in the hot pool. The poetry ladies suggested I put the Prora piece in order by date. I was thinking I could leave it alone and eliminate one date to keep the structure of the piece moving…..she says laughing.

Balance: Stirring up much discussion with my Prora piece.

It’s a busy month for love. Valentines day tomorrow. Marie’s birthday is coming up on Sunday. Since G forgot to mail off a card for her, we get to drive up and hand it to her ourselves. Time for more pictures. I’ll call first….

My youngest called too. I told her how pleased I was to hear from her, and she replied that I never called her. No, I don’t. If I did, I might say something I would regret…..forever. Just like my own mother always did. So I tell her I love her and say nothing else. She says she got some kind of promotion. I told her I loved her.

To compound the felony, it’s Friday the 13th. That’s an awfully good day around this house. I met G on the 13th…..all those years ago. Not this particular Friday the 13th, but it’s still a magic date to remember. Then too, in just a few days, we celebrate our wedding anniversary.

First things first tho, Valentines day tomorrow and Marie’s birthday’s on the 17th.

Mage with her eldest Margot. 1972.

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  1. Look at that skinny girl (the taller one)! I think I have a pair of shorts exactly like those. Navy blue. Loved them. Finally parted with them a couple summers ago.


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