February 17, 2009

Out In The Worst

Himself: Hecho en Mexico wasn’t too bad yesterday.
Herself: Finished one big scanning project. Cooking something totally new for dinner. Yes, I bought the new WW cookbook. The only problem with it is that there’s no discernable order to it. I want my chickens with all the other chickens, by cracky.
Balance: Scanning the Grandma Maude folder.
So while I waited for the weather to decided what it was going to do, I called on a prescription. It’s an insurance company pharmacy that we have used for years.

“Sorry, we cannot fill that as the “cannot fill date cutoff” was three days ago.”

“But I have fourteen days left on this one, sixty days on this other, and two months on this one before the next refill is due.”

“Sorry, you have to get new prescriptions and fax them to us.”

I’m afraid my behaviors went downhill from there. I couldn’t believe this new thing they are pulling on us. Sounds like some sort of a rip off scam to both G and I….he also has all his meds outdated.

Then…….I got to Longs drugs, which isn’t Longs drugs any more, and couldn’t run their card scanner. It took three tries to process one swipe. I must honestly tell you that I felt the proper fool. Since shopping is a multi-store activity nowadays, I got to try the card scanner at Target to buy G’s lunches where it worked just fine, and at Stumps for the food, where it also worked just fine. That perked me up a bit.

It was sprinkling a bit when Grumpy and I got to Longs…with an umbrella, but by the time we arrived in the Target parking lot, the world was floating by us in sheets and layers of water. The Stumps parking lot was flat out a roaring, crashing, pounding, rough water river, and though I parked uphill, the waters still whipped right on over my ankles as I stumbled into the store.

I survived myself and felt triumphant. After getting dry again from the skin out, I felt even more triumphant. What more could I want….dry groceries?

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  1. Fun day, huh!? Loved the rabbit run in the photo though!


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