February 12, 2009

The Villa Montezuma

Villa Montezuma, photo SDSH.

Himself: Direct quote: “Busy, busy, busy.” Maybe I should stop asking him what kind of day he has had.

Herself: Worked on the right piece yesterday. Got to class late because I was reading for the fun of it and couldn’t put the book down. Ah, reality. Today, reading the much changed Prora piece over lunch.

Balance: The Vorkosegian Saga.

The newspaper, that fading bit of past reality our local owner is attempting to sell, lists museum holdings closed, personal laid off, cut backs, and all the other detritus of this depression that has hit our San Diego museums. As the final bit of whipped cream on the pie, the Historical Society is cutting its losses and getting rid of two museum buildings, one of which I have had personal involvement in since the beginning. Oh, I am angry……what ever good that does me.

The Villa Montezuma is a magnificent example of Victoriana. This two story home with tower and all it’s fancy trimmings, music rooms, writing rooms all trimmed with stained glass and Linguista Walton is really a one bedroom cottage. One didn’t count the servants rooms in those days.

Our paper lists a supporting organization…. “Friends of the Villa Montezuma.” Oh Joy…to find it’s active. They are having a tea in a house up the street as the Villa is closed. My friends Robert Miles Parker and Harry Evans were instrumental in saving this house, and I’d like to sip tea and find out more. I’ll see what I can do.

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