March 29, 2009


Mother and child – two bronze giraffes.

Himself: He enjoyed the gathering, but afterwards we went to Frye’s. They hadn’t looked at his broken computer after a week tho they called and said it was being looked at and by whom. He went off on the poor tech. They said looked at it, and G left with a new cheapie computer after disagreeing with them. I agree, I don’t think they really diagnosed the computer. “It’s where all the thingies come together” is not a diagnoses. He ordered the tools he needs to diagnose it from online last night.

Herself: Enjoyed the lunch friends. Delighted to hear the adventures. And good to see them even if they have new knees, bad stomachs and sad dog stories. G? I tell him he’s using my new tires.

Reading: Speer. Watched Speer on color film last night too.

Balance: The garden. Being calm and outside it all yesterday.

Hi Classmates........

Here are the newest photos hot off the discs.

I apologize for using Snapfish for the images as I realize the albums are difficult to access. All the other services were not intuitive in their download functions for either of us. You should have seen me swearing at Flickr or cursing at another nameless site. No wonder I don’t use them. Snapfish allows me to download into albums, including adding to old albums, easily where the other services do not. And just as a sop to my slowed down brain, they show me pictures of the images I’m downloading.

This Boyden's album has a photo of the Graduating all our beauty, the first meeting between Ginger and I, and photos from all the gatherings since then.

It was such a pleasure to meet again in Gardener and Darling’s beautiful home and garden. The beauty that surrounded us made the day even better. Where yesterday was warm, sunny and saw us basking in the garden, today here at the beach is cold and damp and grey. We couldn't have had a better day to meet than yesterday.

Hugs to all from the two of us

Snapfish Boyden’s Album

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  1. Ommmmm, nice pictures of the garden. But the big ones, here in Album and the post from today, look almost good enough to eat!


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