April 22, 2009


At dusk, Orion Diamond leaving port. 2009.

Himself: He had a really good day at work.

Herself: Finally able to type and use my mouse for an hour or so without a glove to protect the skin on my right hand.

Family: Marie failed another math test and is very depressed about it. Testing at Disabled Student Services said she had no disabilities, but she has consistently failed math for 40 years. Hello. Asher is beginning to eat. Grandkids are back from foreign lands and in school again. Or pulling their hair out about their Art History 1. I understand that one.

Quilting: One side of the dragon teeth went on backward. Dear G spotted the mistake the moment he got home. Now recovered from the shock, I'll be taking a whole side off the quilt today. Grrrrr.

Reading: Nada……I was so upset with my quilting techniques, that I read to let off steam. And sewed, and read, and sewed, and finished my book.

Balance: Ah well. At least the air is cooling off at last. From 91 to 67 today.

I began this Blogger site, Postcards, as a mirror site for my Open Diary blog Day Tripper. Open Diary is a social networking site where writers and readers are encouraged to leave notes on other pages.

For a while there, OD was crashing or vanishing with a certain regularity. Rather than make a fuss about crashing blogs, for I knew the man in charge was working hard to get us all back up again, I just kept quietly maintaining the two blogs.

Most days here, no one said a word about either my image or my entry. Just to encourage me, there were days when I got two notes. Slowly I found friends out here in the real blogging world.

Yesterday, just out of curiosity, mind you, I added a site meter to Postcards. Here I had been thinking three to four people visited me a day and now discover that 47 folks stopped by to read me complain about my quilting in the half day the meter was up and running. I have no idea who you all are. You left me no notes, of course, but I'm still smiling. Unlike Pioneer woman who gets over 300 notes per entry, I’m really grateful that anyone stops by over here. Even without notes.

Thank you all. I'm waving


  1. Sometimes I feel guilty when I read your post and don't leave a comment, but I don't always have something to say.

  2. I'm waving back at you!!! but there's a tanker in the way...


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