April 2, 2009


The newest desktop image. Tehachapi, 2009.

Himself: Good day at work. Walk, struggle with nonfunctional computer.

Herself: Trying new fiber at vastly reduced amounts, and I feel pretty darned good.

Reading: The new Todd McCaffrey. A little dry.

Balance: Walking by the bay albeit slowly.

MK read a delightful little piece about possessions at class yesterday. “Make a list of the possessions that define your identity,” our old instructor had asked of us. She did, smiling all the way.

MK sees her surroundings in terms of her travels. Often a statue would take her back to China or a plate would take her to Greece, for instance. Positive memories of happy times abroad. I’ve been in her home, and her walls have delightful paintings and prints from her travels. Tables have delightful bilibots on them from various stops. A fabric here from South America or there from Russia drapes over a chair.

Inspired, the first thing I did when I got home was write. I was drawn directly to the computer and poured out emotion directly onto the screen. My memories are of people. The family. The kindness of my grandma. The misery of my childhood. I was such a disappointment and failure to them all. No wonder the stress of living in that household triggered serious stomach problems in such a small child.

I remember so little of my childhood. Today I will hack and slash on that piece so I can take it with me to the Poets Lunch. After swimming.

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  1. Hi Maggie, thanks for visiting us over at San Diego Daily Photo. You sound like an interesting young woman - reading, writing, quilting, the arts, finding balance in your life, shopping at thrift stores, eating healthier! I enjoy those things too...just wish there was more time in the day.


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