April 30, 2009

A Ship Kinda Day

Four mega cruise ships in port: Right to left the Midway, the NCL Pride of Hawaii on her maiden voyage to Hawaii, and two unidentified cruise ships, 2007. As of 2008, Pride of Hawaii now sails in Europe without the island decoration as the Norwegian Jade.

Himself: He’s counting: Two days. He also told me they were beginning a new round of layoffs also starting today or tomorrow. He is expecting to be laid off but not this round.

Herself: Got her favorite brown wool sweater shaved. Boy it is old and worn, but boy it is light and warm too. Templates made on laptop. Bought more small things like hairpins.

Reading: Short stories of Randall Garrett.

Balance: Watching my socks get compressed in a bag.

It’s politically incorrect to call the latest flu epidemic Swine Flu, but I don’t remember the string of letters and numbers they say we should call it. Among other things, the flu has influenced the cruise industry. Ships that would normally be calling at ports in Mexico, are now stopping in San Diego instead.

Mexico’s economy, already badly damaged by the drug wars south of the border, will be further harmed as NCL, Princess, Carnival, and Holland America send their ships north up the California Coast. San Diego’s economy, badly hurt by the economic downturn, is looking forward to this unexpected crush of cruising tourists. Today over 5000 are expected to crowd the embarcadero. One ship is even staying in port until seven…a blessing to the Gaslamp District.

Today will be the first day in years that we should have three cruise ships in town at the same time. I’ll run down later in the day, after swimming, after the Poetry group, and take a picture or two of the latest behemoths floating in our harbor.

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