April 7, 2009


A quiet spot at Marion's home where the poetry readings will now be held.

Himself: Had a good day but no walking. Took the papers to the loan officer even tho the amount saved won’t be as much as we thought.

Herself: Counting my extra munchies and wincing. Slept little because of my leg itchies. They look really ugly today.

Reading: Nothing.

Balance: Off.

There are those mornings when you are slightly sideways. That’s me today. Nothing hurts this morning, but yesterday I was reduced to slow-mo most of the day. Maybe the slow mo moments pushed me into a corner this morning.

  • Food: I’m fine for breakfast and lunch, but after lunch I have a “one point cookie” or two or three. Mid afternoon, I have been gathering in the calories before the Diet Coke. Oh guilt. The result is that I’m not thinner, and G, who has switched to munching only veggies, instantly has bones showing. Just letting you know. I’m just letting me know too.

  • Bee visited. A friend bearing gifts. A lovely scarf…..the latest thing from my favorite store in Paris. Silver stitching with sequins on a brown and turquoise pattern. A huge Spring bit of delight. My wardrobe for the cruise, which I keep to one color palette, will be in browns this year thanks to Bee. A perfect bit of whimsy for non-formal dinners on board.

    And oh, we had a good visit. Among her news. She has shingles. Poor dear friend. That’s two with shingles right now. Tehachap is down to Tylanol, and Bee is taking something that blocks the nerve pain. Bee’s mother is sleeping most of the time now. Stage 8 out of ten Alzheimers her doctors say. Bee’s sister in law’s liver has failed and nobody broke in to her apartment to find out what was happening for days. Bee’s mother in law, at the advanced age of late 90 something, is showing all the signs of senility plus hysteria as there is now “no one to take care of her.” Grandson’s and son’s don’t count. Bee came home from London and Paris to stress.

    And she is working on a new show and won’t stop. She even took the roughs with her on vacation so she could keep working. Delightfully different stuff. But she needs to stop and take a break from everything for a little while and heal. We laughed a lot yesterday, but I worry.

  • I need to stop almost everything I’m doing and get the big projects completed. The little confusions need to be all put on the back burner until the projects are done. I feel hemmed in, disjointed, full of my addictions, and undone. My computer is bracketed by mountainous piles of journals and balanced bits of fabrics…cut and not cut. Instead of feeling totally out of control, completion of these two, in the way projects, should give me a bit of my life back.

  • One telephone conversation cannot be called a confusion or interruption. Marion called to tell me that The Thursday Poetry Group has been officially moved to her house. I was not the only one last week that couldn’t hear a thing. Someone started the ball rolling, and the group can now recite their words in a large, sunny, quiet room overlooking the bay. I will go to that diversion with a smile on my face. I’ll take last week’s poem with me too as I couldn’t hear what they said about it last week. That’s news to cheer anybody up, lemme tell you.


  1. Omigosh! I have a chair exactly like those two in the last photo. It dates from the early 1970s, has been re-holstered and updated twice from its original silvery fakey velvet, the latest after we moved here in 2006, and still occupies a spot in my living room, and I still like it...still hanging on just like me!

  2. Oh and I forgot to say how I envy you being part of the writing group and meeting in that lovely, sunny spot. Lots of creativity should spring from there!


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