May 3, 2009

Bon Voyage and Adieu

We are packing our bags. Images from our 2007 train trip.

Himself: Only thinking early in the mornings. Having a good day so far. His horoscope said good luck was coming his way….even better luck than that of the last few years.

Herself: Having nightmares about our neighbor J. She has lung cancer and leukemia.

Reading: Nothing.

Balance: We are both aware how lucky we are.

We are packing.

The bags are even bigger this year than two years ago, and we have discovered compression sacks so we can get more in the bags. But there’s one more bag….with the formal stuff, than ever before. All I can do is laugh at us intrepid travelers.

I have a black leather backpack that I use just for travel. There’s a carryon with the important stuff too. Lastly there’s the big new red suitcase that’s way to big and heavy for me. He’s got his grey suitcase, the laptop, his backpack, and the formal stuff. Dear God. How did we come to this.

Perhaps we are trying to look like the Jones’s.

We hugged youngest yesterday. We will run some things up to the eldest today. I wave at the grandkids and their parents. See me.

Tomorrow we are outta here… the Jones’s.

See you when we have access, or see you when we get home. Bon Voyage indeed.


  1. Safe and pleasant journey. Fair winds and quiet seas! Have a great time.

  2. Oh I am glad I stopped by to catch up before you left! I hope you read this before you do. Have a lovely trip. I will be thinking of you. I am sorry about G's job. Things will work out they always do.

  3. unmoor and head out to sea!!! lucky you, dear Mage! bon voyage, safe journey, love to you both! xo c!

  4. Have a wonderful trip. It's a great place to go I wish I was going with you.

  5. I meant to get here on Saturday to wish you bon voyage, but I don't know what happened. should be well on your way now. Hope you're having a wonderful time!


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