July 4, 2009

It's A Hardware Issue

Garrison sized flag flying on the Star of India, San Diego. 2008.

Himself: Reads pages of job opportunities online second thing….after an acre of solitaire and war games. After that, he struggled with antique hardware.

Herself: Kept not understanding until I wrote it down. Let’s bypass those missing synapsizes…so I did. Is that software?

Reading: Began rereading the newest of the Dresden’s to keep the saga whole in my mind.

Balance: Reading.

The only mouse that would work with my old Gateway computer was the beyond-dinosaur Dell mouse that came with the very first Dell. I assure you he tried every mouse in the house.

The first thing he did was to pull the hard drive from his old-old Gateway which we had been using as an external HD. He put it in the new computer so we could copy the contents. It wouldn’t work. Wouldn’t work in my old computer either. He ended up putting it back in the eldest of the computers, putting the computer back into the network. We spent all afternoon and evening dragging and dropping photos and journals to a new 320 G HD in my old computer.

He grew very frustrated with me until I found a way to bypass my confusions.

Just about bedtime, the last of the JPG’s were transferred from the backup computer, and the current information moved to the new computer on its 80 G HD. That’s not a very big HD. The old computer had a full 100 G HD….full in a year and a half with large size pictures. I’ll fill that backup HD in two years.

Imagine, a whole day of this stuff.

Me? I would drag and drop something then read for the 45 minutes or so it took to drop……then do it again.

Today the discussion is even fiercer. He’s working in the Park today. I’m recreating the contents of a computer. How are we getting to the bay when parking will be full at noon. Park over there this morning and walk over this evening? Two plus miles…..that’s all.

It’s a hardware issue, after all.

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  1. My clunk computer has not worked these days. Then now it is working...lets see for how long...
    I love the photos you published, they make me want to go to far away places. Evasion!
    I hope you have a pleasant 4th of July, it is evening here already, I am 9 hours ahead of you.
    Good night my friend, Celeste


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