July 6, 2009

Two Days A Passing

The 4th:

Himself: Spent all Saturday getting my computer running. Spent most of Sunday getting my computer running.
Herself: ¬¬¬¬Wrote a poem about getting my computer running.
Reading: Nothing today
Balance: Led last night at the Meeting by the Bay….”How it works.” Dressing up tonight to read the Traditions. Was awarded the Hoy award at my blogger Postcards site.

We found parking and walked out onto the island. The meeting was grand. The fireworks were splendid….four piles of them in synchronicity off barges marching down the bay. The fog bank held off….just over our shoulders, and the crispness of the day carried through as we ooooohed and ahhhhhed to the big booms.

The Harbor Police had obviously done this mad crush of traffic before, and there was little delay getting the thousands of us gawkers off the tiny spit of land. We hitch hiked out, and we had no trouble getting home with no traffic to be seen.

This morning, when asked if I wanted something in a Windows popup, I carefully got confused and clicked No and No. After yelling a bit, G spent the day reinstalling everything back on my computer.

July 5:

Goodies, County Fair Midway, 2009.

Himself: Still fusting with the computer. My email in but not out. OD typestyle wrong. Word typestyle off.
Herself: Managed to read the wrong stuff in front of 200 some folks. Perhaps they will point out what needs to be read next time….or perhaps they won’t invite me back. He he he he….
Reading: Nothing at the moment.
Balance: Something is working right.

Rule number one for the spouse of an unemployed person, don’t follow the lead of the unemployed.

Himself: “I woke at 0430, and thought, oh, I’ll just come back to bed a little longer.”

Herself: “Growling,” when waking at the time she usually leaves for swimming. So no swimming.

He can go to a thrift shop and to Jack in the Box while I am at my meeting. Why? I’m damned if the step of taking Grumpy to the body shop gets skipped just because we are two hours behind ourselves. I’ll bring a book. Home depot too. Not a call or reaction from them and we still wait….and wait….and wait. I’d like to get that project started, get moved out of the kitchen so we can move back in.

Rule number two for the spouse of an unemployed person, you don’t have to shackle them and make them march in lockstep until all the projects are done.

Rule number three, you are obviously not in control….do not take yourself so damned seriously.

Ah reality.


  1. All the more reason for G. to get back to work as soon as possible (smile). You guys are going to have to figure out the kinks. Rule number three is reallyreally important in any situation and particularly in the one you are in. Good luck guys.

  2. Fabulous photos! Looks like you are having quite a fun summer. I'm impressed that you braved and navigated fireworks at Shelter Island - I am not and was not so brave!

  3. "not in control." Believe it or not, when I remember those 3 words, things always feel tons lighter! Good advice for yourself.

  4. You are a woman of wisdom. I loved the photos you posted too.
    Being 9 hours ahead of you, it is night time now and there is an absolutely gorgeous moon outside shining on the sea. So...let us live like Chinese philosophers, drunk on the moon!

  5. nice pics, mage. what's the schooner? i'll get back to you about the a hoy award.

  6. Beautiful photos.

    All this is good practice for when you and G are both retired.

    After a while Jerry and I evolved a good routine for "work" (ahem) time and relaxing time. I'm working now! This bit of time is between nap time and wine drinking time, which will be followed by dinner time (a little work involved in preparing it) then walk the dogs and bed time.


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