August 19, 2009

Retirement Schedules

Not retired at all.

Himself: After the movie, he spent much of the day working on a trial box for Bee. 4x4x2 with a glass top.

Herself: Julia and Julie…….I flat out loved it. I laughed I cried, I was passionately involved right along with Julia. My friend Dee is in Paris right this moment, and I hope she can see the film there too. I took my lunch with me and limited myself to one diet coke all day. Feeling vastly better. More tidying when I got home. I put the bedroom back to its old configuration while praying for my friend in surgery.

Friends: The friend who had the lumpectomy yesterday is home and says the biopsy results will be back in seven days. Her surgeon feels she got it all and the cancer hadn’t spread to the lymph nodes. You bet I am dancing.

Blogging News: Ronnie Bennett of Time Goes By hopes we will all take a moment to write on health care reform tomorrow. “Elders for Health Care Reform Day” doesn’t mean you just have to be an elder to write about health care reform. Thank you very much.

We bloggers are really interwoven, sometimes tightly. I found Ronnie Bennett’s Time Goes By August 13th blog on retirement routines amusing. I can’t tell you why it pushed my buttons, but it did. Maybe it was because of the free form mad years when I had no schedule. Perhaps it’s because I have now lived by a schedule for so many years that I find regimens by themselves amusing.

In my late forties, when I found myself back in college and working on campus at the same time, I would draw up little colored charts. I’d carefully color in the hours block by block until I would have a whole day laid out before me.

Sometimes I couldn’t figure out what I was doing each semester until I laid out these little bars of color. The “0400 to 0430, coffee and write in my journal” sort of notes to myself. “O500 to 0800 open up Aztec Center bottom to top, and check the bathrooms first then begin vacuuming the lounge areas. 0800 to 0900 History 450, 0900 to …….” Endless classes it seemed tho it was only four years.

Then there were the free form years. When G worked; I worked the same hours whether running the shops or doing art for the galleries. The Towing Company years when I worked at the same company. I caught the first bus outta town and after five am, and I would get a ride home with G…at what ever the hour.

The baseball years, with baseball being played at night, meant I slept in for seven days till about ten, had an hour for coffee and blogging, packed me and lunch, and book, and anything else I would need to survive 9 to 12 some hours of work, and got on the 1215 bus to downtown. I’d walk from Broadway to the ballpark, one mile, and that would give me a minimal amount of aerobic exercise a day. I never considered standing exercise.

The alternative weeks I would put myself on G’s schedule so I could see what he looked like. That first retirement year I got up at 0430 just so I could see what G looked like too. Nice G; horrible hour.

Now days, I plan my days around my exercise. Keeping my body functional and my head dusted out is my top priority. My wrist hasn’t healed right, and often I am in tendon pain. This is a limiting factor in my time at the keyboard…..not considering the silent emptiness in that upper piece of round bone matter.

Right now I am doing water aerobics three days a week and am pain free most days. Amazing stuff that. Up at 0530, and all I can say is that’s it’s better than up at 0430. To the pool at 0700 after coffee, paper, and blog. Yes, I am one of those who still read my vastly-reduced-in-size newspaper. A V8 when I get home, and usually I work on one of my projects till lunch.

Retirement means I am not bound to a regimen any longer. Yesterday I snuck off to a matinee which I more than enjoyed. Today I’ll come home to write on the Elder Health Care Reform piece. I want to achoooooooo dust the computer room achoooooooo too. I know Marta is Achooooooooo coming tomorrow achoooooooooo, but I am achooooooo miserable. The dust is winning.

Many days I quit working by 1430, two thirty for those of you who don’t count hours on your fingers, and I sit in my vastly over crowded living room and read something simple. I find I am not dealing well with violence these days….stress triggers odd responses, so I am not even reading blood and gore mysteries. Dinner prep around four…….twice stuffed potatoes and a green salad tomorrow. Tonight Thai out………with eldest Grandson Aaron.

Schedules? How do you write “rejoicing” to see a grandson in your appointment book? I did.

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  1. I almost feel as if this post was written just for me! To inspire me to get organized, motivated and productive! I will let you know if it works :)


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