August 20, 2009

Beating Feet

Beating feet, 2009 Swapmeet.

Himself: Applied for jobs and worked with wood.
Ended his day with a little writing.

Herself: Wrote, wrote some more, and was still working on today’s Health Care Reform blog at bed time. Lots of Facebook stuff till this morning when it got confused just like OD often does. And even more editing of the Family piece. It's not good, but it is up. News: MY mammogram came out just fine. Oh, hurrah.

Reading: A newer Pern.

Balance: That book in bed.

There’s only so much time left in a day, and I have way to many projects to fill those few fleeting moments. I did get a major dent made in today’s entry on Health Care. I know it is readable, but it doesn’t end with a punch.

Pow! All good entries need to end not with a whimper but with a pow!

Then I cranked up the printer and began putting together Lessa’s Christmas present. I learned a lot about printers and printing odd contents in the process, but did you know that hole punches were adjustable? I do now.

I’ll post my Health Care entry later today after the Poetry Group shreds it and I rewrite it, but I shall leave you with some cranky muttering: America’s got Talent is just flat out cruel to their contestants. I’d far rather read than watch them string out the announcements. Last night I thought one contestant would be ill while waiting on stage for the denouement.

Back to work……I’m such a slave driver.

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