September 20, 2009


The Lynx shooting at the Californian on the bay this beautiful September day. RGB Photo. 2009.

Himself: Put his patch on and had a ball. Off diet: Donuts, PP&J sandwiches, a half dinner each of salad, bread, lasagna, and cannelloni.

Herself: Had a wonderful time tho was partially stationary. My hip had a tendency to dump me.

Reading: Newest Fr. Tim.

Balance: Off. Both yesterday and today struggling with new programs to show the pictures and videos.

It was a glorious day. The sun came out, we were vastly early then discovered our museum membership had lapsed. After re-upping, we toured the Berkley and the new submarine addition, the experimental deep dive sub, the Dolphin. Lunch on the stern of the Berkley then we boarded the Californian, which Georgette had watched being built here on our bay.

Synopsis: Geeeee-zer’s page says it all. Two ships sail out into the bay, shoot at each other, and sail home again.

A choice of guns. Not cannons but guns. The carriage is the difference. The captain told us as he gave us the initial run down that if we called them cannons, we would have to buy a round for the crew. Below left is the captain telling all; below right the First Mate waits, watching carefully, before calling the orders out to the crew.

Us landlubbers were given a chance to haul a line or two. Left, G in action, and right, the pros heave on the line.

Boom, indeed. Add the charge, add the primer, light the 6 inch gun, and Boom.

Then you have to clean out the bore of the gun. They have all sorts of tools hanging easy to hand. Scrape, dip in the water…all done while hanging overboard.

The bay was crowded with an armada of watchers. From huge tour boats, to tiny little racing craft, as well as the tall America’s Cup boat the Stars and Strips and her once competitor the Abracadabra.

Boom….delightful fun.


  1. and we were there . . . almost!

    Great pictures, especially the lead one of the ship. Perfect color, lighting. Someone should paint that onto a canvas. Do you paint on canvas? It reminds me a little bit of Old Ironsides.


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